In 2009  VyprVPN is created by Switzerland-based Golden Frog. The purpose of this VPN is to provide instant access to your favourite content. Similarly, the people who prioritize safety and security above all else in their VPN, VyprVPN, will be an exciting proposition for them. Moreover, the company has worked hard to establish itself as a trusted provider and advocate of internet policy. Known for its airtight approach and make the rare claim that it owns every one of the servers it uses.

The company has also been taking steps to improve its reliability, security, and quality of service based on customer requests. However, does VyprVPN cut? Yes, when it comes to privacy, geoblocking, and price, VyprVPN cuts. Moreover, it can unblock Netflix,  BBC iPlayer and Hulu. Add to that excellent features like WireGuard protocols and auto-connection on public WIFI, and it looks like a great product. In contrast, can its usability match up to its top-notch security credentials?

Here I will show you the full review of VyprVPN and be looking in-depth at every aspect of this virtual private network. And by the end, you should be able to decide on whether it’s the best VPN for you or not.



Today VyprVPN is the fastest network growing in the market. It is based in Switzerland as it is a swiss server. Moreover, it has a beneficial and unusual feature, too, at the same time. The company has undergone some significant changes and improvements over the past few years, including substantial recent updates. VyprVPN is improving its streaming, privacy and security and making itself more competitive in speed and price. In their recent updates, the company ensures the speed, privacy and safety of the users.VyprVPN is serving in many countries like Africa AND South America and many others. Moreover, there are 150 plus servers across 64 countries. It has been in the market for a significant amount of time now. However, you can use VyprVPN while travelling or at home with your security and privacy ease.


VyprVPN is a popular choice among all VPN companies. The reason is that the company is a mainstream VPN supplier with an extensive system of 1200 plus workers in 64 countries. Moreover, it provides a fantastic VPN for bypassing geoblocks, including Netflix. The VPN system even has four claims to fame workers improved for streaming. So you can watch your preferred Substance in HD without buffering delays. It is fantastic for torrenting,  extraordinary to Netflix,  anonymous browsing, and safety portion.

Similarly, it provides Windows, Mac, IOS, Andriod, Linux apps, Chrome, and firefox extension.VyprVPN gives a secure VPN service against all the threats, and it can fight with network attacks. However, it has a stable core feature to protect the connectivity by routing the traffic through various servers. I have found this feature quite useful and trending as it protects the connection from numerous online VPN menace.

In short, VyprVPN delivers good performance with the WireGuard VPN protocol, which can use on windows, Mac OS, Andriod and IOS. While it is not the fastest VPN, the results are still pretty impressive compared to most other VPNs.




VPN has become a user’s choice for a long time ago because it has more than a way to create an encrypted tunnel. It is an open-source technology, which means that it has picked over for any potential security issues. The heir approach to OpenVPN is WireGuard, and it is a new open-source protocol. Also, it just starts with the adoption in the mainstream, which includes VyprVPN. In addition to WireGuard, VyperVPN supports L2TP/ IPsec, OpenVPN. All four protocols are available on IOS, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Only a few VPN services create their protocol but doing so isn’t as crazy as it might sound. In the modern age of encryption, creating a new protocol is a dangerous game.


VyprVPN has servers in 65 countries across the world. It has passed many of PCMag’s top-rated VPNs. In contrast, most VPNs cover about 53 states that are the minimum number. It is important to note that more server location means more opportunities to gain more clients. It also means that better odds of finding a nearby server while travelling.

ExpressVPN covers much ground with 94 countries, but VyprVPN has an excellent mix of locations. It is essential to see that they cover Africa and South American countries as compared to others. VyprVPN also has servers in areas with maximum internet speed, including Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

Many servers of VPNs influence the subscriber to use the best speed of the internet. However, they have about 700 individual servers, which is below average but still more than competitors. NordVPN and CyberGhost currently have 5200 servers.


Many clients have a concern about using virtual servers. These are physical servers that run much software on them. It is an issue that a virtual server can configure to behave like a server in one country, which physically locates in another country. It isn’t a fundamental problem because some VPNs companies use servers safely to prevent dangerous regions. A VPN needs to clear about when your data has routes through a virtual server location.


VPNs play an essential part in your online activities. It has to ensure that it takes steps to protect your privacy and be a good actor with your data. In its privacy policy, VyprVPN performs an excellent job exactly what information it collects about you. I appreciate its privacy policy that is light confusing for consumers.

The company doesn’t log your actual IP address or the IP assigned by VyperVPN. That’s strong privacy than other companies deliver to their subscribers. Moreover, they don’t want user traffic or web content of yours.  In 2018, I was glad to say that VyprVPN had its nor Log Police accessed and released the result.


VPNs allow subscribers to access the geo-blocked sites in your region. Now, VyprVPN’s for Netflix has become incredibly popular. I have tested VyprVPN’s for unblocking sites with UK and US servers, which had given the best results. Also, I can access BBC iPlayer, US Netflix and Amazon videos. It is hard to unblock US Netflix that is challenging, but they did excellent results to access it.

To get access to Amazon Prime Video is a challenging task and very straightforward. But subscribers can be easily able to view the content for both US and UK VyprVPN servers. If you’ve ever used a VPN, which promises it can unblock anything but doesn’t have the guts to list its supported service. In contrast, you will appreciate how helpful VyprVPN is.


VyprVPN offers P2P and torrent connections. So, you get to have torrenting on any server with security and privacy. You are not able to share files on servers in those countries which don’t favour torrenting. But there are many lists of states where you can use a special torrent connection. In other words, even if someone records an IP address as involved in some P2P related activity, then there is no way for the company to link the IP back to a specific account.


Today Market VyprVPN brings many security features for subscribers to gain trust. Security is a primary factor in delivering for any VPN companies. However, Hotspot Shield VPN includes a free subscription for security and privacy tools. ProtonVPN is itself a spinoff of the respected Protonmail. Similarly, NordVPN also provides password manager and encrypted file lock for additional fees. Especially, VyprVPN offers many more features for its subscribers.


Many factors influence the internet speed of your VPN service. Whenever you choose the best VPN, you have to make sure that you will get the highest possible rate. In contrast, most of the VPN services marked improvement year over year. And they provide the highest downloading speed for subscribe to enjoy the excellent performance.

The VyprVPN website claims that they unlock much blocking content, including video streaming and social networks. Moreover, users can get the facility of Facebook, Google, HBO, Skype, Twiter and Youtube hidden content. These are not just words. It includes specialist unblocking servers for the US and UK.


  • Allow 5+ Simultaneous connections
  • 500+ Servers
  • No Free Version
  • No Block Ads
  • Geographically Diverse Servers
  • Servers in 62 Countries


It is available for Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS. You can also configure your Linus machine to use VyprVPN. Moreover, they also provide unique APK to install for Android TV devices or configure your router to use it.


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They have improvised their server performance that allows VyprVPN to fight back against censorship and keep the internet free and open. Chameleon is an excellent VPN protocol to bypass the restricted networks in any country.


VyprVPN offers DNS protection for subscribers. It is a VPN feature that keeps your network from any potential outside Malware or hacker attacks. Since VyprVPN has a facility of No-Log-Policy and also VyprDNS doesn’t log any DNS request.


VyprVPN Cloud is a user-friendly service that gives you an added security layer whenever you’re accessing your cloud server. VyprVPN cloud offers Digital Ocean, Amazone Web Series and VirtualBox.


  • High-speed streaming
  • IP Address Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Access to Restricted Content
  • Audited No-Log-VPN
  • % Simultaneous connection
  • 70+ Worldwide Server Locations
  • High-End Encryption / NAT Firewall
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee


VyprVPN always provides facility for their clients and provide maximum affordable pricing. Moreover, they offer great plans for their subscribers with multiple features than others and provide you with the best refund guarantee. Always fulfill their promises to pay back the money within 30 days if you will not avail of the fantastic features as you expect. However, it may take up to one month to receive the money. Offering the best customer support to try to resolve any queries or in case any problem occurs. You don’t have to miss unique packages plan for every event.


24 MONTH PLAN  ($2.50 / MO *)

VyprVPN offers you a 12-month plan with excellent features as you expect. It costs $2.50 for one month. You will save 80% money and pay a $60.00 bill in every 24 Months.

12 MONTHS PLAN ($3.75 / MO *)

They offer a 12-month plan for subscribers with a discount of 71%. You will pay $3.75 per month. However, subscribers will pay the bill every 12 months with a cost of $45.00.

 1 MONTHS PLAN ($12.95 / MO *)

You will get a month plan with this pricing, and it costs $12.95 per month. VyprVPN has excellent features to offer for subscribers that need to gain user’s trust.



VyprVPN provides a no-logging policy, which is perhaps one of the essential pros in its inventory. No logging is a reassurance provided by VyprVPN to its user about handling the user’s data and privacy. In contrast, some VPN provider has their no-logging policy spelt out clearly in the black and white on their website.


In comparison, with other VPN providers, VyprVPN has its secure DNS system, predictably called VyprDNS. The golden frog was a man who developed and set up from the ground. However, it has designed to be a zero-knowledge system, which means it ensures you of privacy. Moreover, VyprVPN is private and not open to the general public. It’s only usable by VyprVPN users.


Golden frog believed that VyprVPN is one of the most impressive VPN in the world. However, it offers more than 20000 IP addresses and over 700 servers in more than 64 locations worldwide. The company manages its software, hardware, and networks instead of assign to a third party. That keeps things speedier and more secure.

The main objective of every VPN is to balance between speed and security and between cost and feature. Similarly, every VPN fights the battle for what ultimately matters- trust.


The VyprVPN window app is straightforward to install and breeze to use. It runs just like any other window app and works seamlessly within the environment. When the app is lunch, the main screen shows up your real locations as well as your connection status. Moreover, the bar on the right side also shows you the last place you connected. The app is a single screen, meaning the tiny space screen it occupies when it enlarges is all you will see. Clicking on tabs or options menus will move you to that area using that same app interface.


VyprVPN customer support team is handy, and you can quickly getting in touch with them. My personal experience was excellent with them. I sent them a query and was responded immediately within 10 seconds. As far as customer support goes, that’s top of the line.


Overall, the VPN server allowed limited speed in torrenting, but P2P works fine with VyprVPN. Usually, you will realize that torrenting may be an issue of many VPN providers due to the lack of speed. But in the case of VyprVPN, the streams are consistent and behave normally. I did observe that VyprVPN rather quickly picked up connection than Others. In short, unlike other providers, VyprVPN does not restrict you to specific servers for torrenting.


I like services that offer money-back guarantees. It shows that they are confident enough that the buyer will remain even with a grace period in their services.VyprVPN offers all users 30 days money-back guarantee.

Believe me that is more than enough to make sure that the service you are on is suitable for you or not. Then you will be able to experience it full time and small flaws. That helps you decide if you can live with that issue, rather than suffering through it for your entire subscription.




Today, most VPN providers, including VyprVPN, who pride themselves on security and privacy, it was not very pleasant to see that they log some data. However, the data is only log in  30 days, but it’s still being logged, including a user’s source IP address.


Secondly, VyprVPN does not allow the user to pay via bitcoin. It is ridiculous by one of the top-rated VPN providers to don’t let their user-pay anonymously. You have to make your payment via debit card, PayPal or Alipay only.


In conclusion, VyprVPN is a high-quality, fast, secure VPN that performed well in testing. Moreover, it offers a great lineup of applications that are user-friendly, secure and reliable. The live chat support is also helpful if you need assistance getting anything set up. The company does almost everything well and offers excellent value on its more extended plans. However, VyprVPN owns all its servers and has publicly audited its logging practice as well. Meanwhile, a feature like the Wire-guard protocol and automatic VPN connections on public wifi is convenient.

As compared to the other two most popular VPN services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, VyprVPN is officially a no-logs VPN service and has publicly audited. However, it is even better for privacy-focused users than before. Let’s not forget their support for the new WireGuard protocol, an achievement that plus them in the elite group.

Bottom line VyprVPN is a leading VPN service trusted by millions of consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide. Also, the reduced prices, along with their 30-day money-back guarantee, make it an even better VPN provider.

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