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Ucraft REVIEW :

Ucraft is a website builder that provides excellent form builder and section and editing software. Moreover, it takes website building to a whole new level. It offers 21 templates for website building, form builder tools,page-section editing and much more. The company also offer many features to facilitate the process of website building. All the websites build through Ucraft are hosted in the cloud, which increases their efficiency significantly.

Ucraft is one of the most widely known and extensively used website building platforms in the market today. The website builder is great for small business, making it an excellent choice for start-up companies and small online stores.

Ucraft website builder


Ucraft is a relatively recent introduction to the world of website building. It has received some excellent reviews from users and provided high-quality services for a long time, but it has also criticized for lack of efficiency at several points. However, It is a controversial software, but it performed well in the tests that we ran on it. Moreover, I have used this website builder and its cloud hosting to get a good idea of its quality and features. I have count every element and faced only minor issues while using the website. However, a free plan is a good idea if you are okay with using your site on a subdomain of the official website of the concerned website builder. In short, Ucraft does not provide such a plan, which is much criticized by several reviewers.


Ucraft launched in 2016 with its characteristic “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editing interface as a website builder. Moreover, It also succeeded in raising a $650,000 financing round from several investors, including Ron Conway, Paul Buchheit, Mike Maples, and Steve Anderson. Ucraft added Pro accounts and Google Adsense monetization features in 2017 along with compatibility with Chrome and Safari. They became profitable in 20018 when it reached 1,000,000 users. It also received criticism for its lack of CSS/HTML support in the start. However, It fixed this issue in 2019 by adding CSS/HTML functionality. In 2019, Ucraft had 80 employees and was based in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco, in an 11,000 square feet space.
A Berlin office was opened in mid-2019 to offer European-based support and marketing. Ucraft Promote was release in 2020 as integrated marketing tools built into the platform. Then Ucraft website builder began to focus on its eCommerce offerings. As more sellers began using the company as the initial entry into their market, the company created many features like one-click taxes.

In short, Ucraft website builder that unusually and uniquely focuses a lot on the building of a website based on AI. Moreover, it provides designers with copywriter AI and expert to leverage a unique website building solution.


It is customary in the world of website builders that web hosting provides alongside web building tools. That means that the ones giving website building also host their websites on their servers. Unlike the standard web hosting provided by most website builders, Ucraft offers to host your website in the cloud. It is a unique feature because the websites hosted in the cloud have maximum functionality in terms of performance. They also provide the best Uptime, speed, and all other elements. However, Cloud hosting is much more efficient compared to standard web hosting services.

Uptime refers to the time during which your website stays online and available to users around the world. Downtime, in contrast to Uptime, is the period during which it is unavailable or down. Suppose your website is down for even 0.05 per cent of the total time. Which is host, that means it will be inaccessible to the visitors for 45 minutes or so. Hence, you will lose valuable traffic while your website is down. If your site is down, your visitors will face a “page not found” error message whenever they try to access your website. That can increase the chances of bouncing and bring down the SEO rankings of your website.

In short, Uptime is one of the most important things you should check while choosing to host your website on somebody’s servers. Standard website builders can give you around 99.90% Uptime. And cloud hosting gives you 99.99% uptime which is way better. Hence with Ucraft website builder, will be up and running for most of the time. You will not face any downtime issues. It is one of the pro features of Ucraft website builder. Also, it can boost your SEO rankings and further leverage your website.


The next most crucial thing is loading speed or response time provided by a website builder. Before creating your website on any website builder, you should always check the loading speeds provided by those servers. A content delivery network can do a lot in this regard. It can distribute your data across multiple web servers or data centres across the globe. Whenever somebody tries to access your data, it will be provided to them from the data centre nearest to them. That is what increases the loading speeds of your content and your website. Cloud hosting itself is efficient enough to provide maximum Uptime, speed, as well as security. Ucraft hosts your site in the cloud, hence increasing the efficiency of your website a lot.


It is customary in the world of website builders to offer a free plan along with the premium ones. A free program allows the users to register their website on a subdomain of the official website for free. And use it within certain limitations of resources. Moreover, a floating tag of the website builder includes in the site. And you can remove it only by opting for a premium plan. However, the free program can be used as a trial service to get an idea of the services and features provided by the website builder. Ucraft website builder is one of those website builders that do offer such a free plan for the convenience of users. Here are details of the features included in all the programs provided by Ucraft.

Ucraft website builder

Website Editor

A website editor is a tool that allows you to build a website through several elements included in the editor. Moreover, You can create a completely responsive, engaging website through the website editor provided by Ucraft. It works on drag-and-drop building action.

Mobile-Friendly Ucraft WEBSITE BUILDER

A mobile-friendly website is the one that is specifically optimized to make it fit for all displays. Ucraft builds websites that are optimized for android and provide for all kinds of display sizes.


Ucraft provides a powerful tool by the name of Ucraft ADI that allows you to design a complete, customized website by merely answering a few questions. However, they have revolutionized the ease provided by website builders through this innovative feature. It can make them unique along with attracting maximum customers for them who are looking for ease of usage. People want to get online and look fabulous as quickly and efficiently as possible. And Ucraft has provided them with a tool to do just that in the form of Ucraft ADI.


Ucraft, like all other website builders, offers you some designer-made templates for your website. It has come to with in-built design and settings to make a website-building experience smoother for you. The website templates usually make things easier for people looking for a quick solution to website building without any programming or coding knowledge to assist them. Moreover, Templates let you exchange a bit of control for ease-of-building. However, You can’t go deeper into the complexities to code the pages, but you can get much the same results with a bit of tweaking. Customizable templates have high value in the industry, and website-building brands weighted according to the number and quality of models they have to offer.


It is customary in the world of website builders that web hosting provides alongside web building tools. That means that the ones giving website building also host their websites on their servers. Ucraft offers to host your site for free.


Ucraft Website builder allows users to use a variety of colours and fonts. And you can choose your pattern of colours to customize your website. Moreover, you can use advanced options to use your colours and theme.


Ucraft website builder provides access to accelerate your front-end development with the intuitive, visual builder powered. It allows you to use and modify 100s of UI elements while retaining the flexibility of your code.


A custom domain is utterly unique and limited to your website. Ucraft website builder can allow you one for free in the first year of usage. After that, you will have to buy one. You can also import one that you have already acquired.


Search engine optimization is necessary for all websites to rank higher in the search results of engines like Google. Site123 provides SEO tools to its sites through which one can boost the SEO rankings of your website.


Ucraft recent updates have shown its focus on small business. Moreover, it can help you to achiever your goals with more marketing tools than ever before. In short, You will get better SEO and tailored action plan. Websites + Marketing is a small business owner’s dream. as I said earlier when you would go to Ucraft website builder, that generates a site for you.

It’s no different for business. You enter your information, and the Ucraft website builder will create a unique website with relevant features specific to your company. On top of all that, the data reports that Ucraft website builder provides are essential for measuring your success. And they will also monitor site performance. Hence, the Ucraft website builder is an excellent option for small business looking to get online quickly without all the fuss.


Ucraft website builder helps you to create a unique blog quickly and straightforwardly. However, you can add imagery, video and audio to accompany any blog posts. Also, they allow more people to sign up via RSS feed and make use of analytical data supplied by Google.

Ucraft website builder has taken a lot of steps to improve its blogging capabilities. Moreover, you can enable comments on your blog posts. And there is a promise of further improvements to come. Ucraft even claims you can get a blog live in just 19 minutes.


So you’ve built a website. Good job. Of course, it would be a lot cooler if some people saw that website, right? For this purpose, you need to do some website promotion.


You can improve the rank of your website on search engines like Google and Bing.


Turn your visitors into customers by sending them emails.


Link your company’s Facebook with Ucraft website builder.


You can get your company on Google Search and Maps.


It is trending in the world of website builders to offer a free plan along with the premium ones. A free program allows the users to register their website on a subdomain of the official website. The website builder is free to use it within certain limitations of resources. A floating tag of the website builder included in the site. And you can remove it only by opting for a premium plan. A free program can be used as a trial service to get an idea of the services and features provided by the website builder. Ucraft is one of those website builders that do offer such a free plan for the convenience of users.

Ucraft website builder

BASIC PLAN ($10 / MO*)

You will get a host of features from blogging functionality to image galleries, video and audio implementation. Every site has rapid page loading speed and is all mobile-friendly. Moreover, you also get access to all of the Ucraft website builder’s help and support feature. SSL security, social sharing and Ucraft marketing suite called insight that is all built-in as well.

PRO PLAN ($21 / MO *)

At $15 per month, you get everything included in the basic plan, plus increased social sharing options. In this plan, you will get the SEO wizard, helping you access your business and offering guidance on how to rank higher on Google.


You may be thinking of what’s the difference between this and the standard plan? Well, quite a lot. You will open up to a host of new features such as the ability to accept credit card payments, book recurring events and classes.



The response times of your website will be extraordinary if you sign up for the Ucraft website builder. It is a significant pro. The speed at which your website works is critical.


With Ucraft, the ease-of-use goes at a whole new level as you can create default settings for your website and apply that theme to everything. You can choose a specific item, colour palette, and font for all your icons and elements. With Ucraft website builder, you can also edit each section of your web page individually to customize it further.


The functionality of drag-and-drop features is perfect at every stage. You will never face any problems regarding the working of tools provided by Ucraft Website builder.


Ucraft website builder provides the best support service if you face any problem with the facility of 24/7. Their teams not only solve technical issues. But also help with all aspects of being online your website. You can call them at any time.


The best thing about Ucraft website builder is that its team is continuously improving its software and adding to its capability. With Ucraft, you can enjoy regularly occurring updates. In contrast, Most website builders are getting stale as they have stopped upgrading their software. Ucraft website builder does not have that flaw.


Like other drag-and-drop builders, ease-of-use and convenience are the strong suits of Ucraft website builder. You can trade a little control over your site to make it much easier to build your website with this website builder if you don’t have a technical background.


The customer support provided by Ucraft website builder is up to the mark, and they provide phone support with pro packages and above.


  • Lack of Control over your website
  • Industry-standard pricing
  • No Ecommerce Functionality


In the early stages, the company has been somewhat disconcerted. Moreover, they had a lack of options to choose from in terms of templates. Other than that, there are many things to cherish and enjoy. The websites built and hosted through Ucraft. One of those is cloud hosting – I have never seen other website builders provide cloud hosting. Also, to a website builder that takes Uptime, performance, loading speeds, functionality, and security to a whole new level. These are the reasons that make Ucraft a recommendable web host and website builder.

In addition to cloud hosting, Ucraft website builder also provides updated tools like form builders and section editing flexibility. Moreover, you can also import plugins like e-commerce from 3rd party providers to facilitate your website further. Similarly, they also give you the option to dig deeper and code your website if you are a programmer. Hence it does have a lot of supportive possibilities for everybody. It recommended for small websites and businesses. The prices are high, and the plans are limited – but they can leverage your system adequately. You will get good value for the price you pay, and there are almost no downsides except for the limited templates.

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