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SnapPages is a website builder that provides intuitive form builder and section editing software that takes website building to a whole new level. It offers 21 templates for website building, form builder tools, page-section editing, and much more to facilitate the process of website building. All the websites built through SnapPages are hosted in the cloud, which increases their efficiency significantly.


SnapPages is a relatively recent introduction to the world of website building. It has received some excellent reviews from users and provided high-quality services for a long time, but it has also been criticized for lack of efficiency at several points. It is a controversial software, but it performed well in the tests that we ran on it. We have used this website builder and its cloud hosting to get a good idea of its quality and features. We have gauged every element and faced only minor issues while using the website. A free plan is a good idea if you are okay with using your site on a subdomain of the official website of the concerned website builder. SnapPages does not provide such a plan, which is much criticized by several reviewers.


It is customary in the world of website builders that web hosting is provided alongside web building tools. That means that the ones giving website building also host their websites on their own servers. Unlike the standard web hosting provided by most website builders, SnapPages offers to host your website in the cloud. It is a precious feature because the websites hosted in the cloud have maximum functionality in terms of performance, uptime, speed, and all other elements. Cloud hosting is much more efficient compared to standard web hosting services.
Uptime refers to the time during which your website stays online and available to users around the world. Downtime, in contrast to uptime, is the period during which it is unavailable or down. If your website is down for even 0.05 per cent of the total time during which it is hosted, that means it will be inaccessible to the visitors for 45 minutes or so. Hence, you will lose valuable traffic while your website is down. If your site is down, your visitors will face a “page not found” error message whenever they try to access your website. That can increase the chances of bouncing and bring down the SEO rankings of your website.
Uptime is one of the most important things you should check while choosing to host your website on somebody’s servers. Standard web hosting providers can give you around 99.90% uptime, and cloud hosting gives you 99.99% uptime which is way better. Hence with SnapPages, your website will be up and running for most of the time. You will not face any downtime issues. It is one of the pro features of SnapPages website builder, that can boost your SEO rankings and further leverage your website.


The next most important thing is loading speed or response time provided by a web host. Before trusting your website to the servers of a web host, you should always check the loading speeds provided by those servers. A content delivery network can do a lot in this regard. It can distribute your data across multiple web servers or data centres across the globe. Whenever somebody tries to access your data, it will be provided to them from the data centre nearest to them. That is what increases the loading speeds of your content and your website.
Cloud hosting itself is efficient enough to provide maximum uptime, speed, as well as security to your website. SnapPages hosts your site in the cloud, hence increasing the efficiency of your website a lot.


Here are the details of the pricing plans and packages that SnapPages offers to its users for convenience. It is considered one of the most expensive website builders which do not have a free program to assist customers in trying it out. SnapPages offers two pricing plans that come with a 14-day money-back guarantee to make it easier for users to get a refund if they are dissatisfied with their services. Even then, SnapPages is sometimes disliked due to the absence of a free plan from its packages. It has become almost customary in the world of website builders to offer a program that lets customers build a website for free and allows them to use it within some limitations to give them an idea of the services.

Feature Included in All Plans

Here are details of all the features that are included in all – or both – plans offered by SnapPages website builder. The following functions can assist you no matter which pricing plan you opt for, and they distinguish SnapPages from other website building services.

Drag-and-drop Builder

Most of the world of website builders is dominated by drag-and-drop builders because they are very easy-to-use and convenient. A drag-and-drop builder requires no prior knowledge, skill, or experience – it can be used by beginners and experts with equal ease and convenience. Everything is at the distance of a single drag-and-drop action. You can add elements to the pages of your website by dragging them down from the editor window and dropping them wherever you want to place them.

Responsive Website Templates

SnapPages, like all other website builders, offers you some designer-made templates for your website that come with in-built design and settings to make a website-building experience smoother for you. The website templates usually make things easier for people looking for a quick solution to website building without any programming or coding knowledge to assist them. Templates let you exchange a bit of control for ease-of-building. You can’t go deeper into the complexities to code the pages, but you can get much the same results with a bit of tweaking. Customizable templates are highly valued in the industry, and website-building brands are weighted according to the number and quality of models they have to offer.

SnapPages has only about 21 designer templates to provide, and that is why it is usually misjudged in website builder reviews. Even with the limited choices, those templates cover a lot of bases and can provide for basic websites.

Page Sections

SnapPages also allows you to edit the sections of your page separately. This feature distinguishes it from other website builders primarily. The section editing feature is highly prized.

Easy Integrations

You can integrate a lot of features into your SnapPages website and use several plugins that add to the functionality of your website.

Beautiful Galleries

There are convenient galleries to arrange all your data and images in so that you can access and use them efficiently.

Form Builder

SnapPages also has a form builder software that you can use in your website to further modify and customize your web pages. Hence form builder is another important tool to let you build your websites.

Secure Cloud Hosting

SnapPages also allows you to host your websites for free in the cloud. Sites hosted in cloud enjoy speedy loading, improved functionality, and upgraded security. It is another plus that you can add if you are using SnapPages.

Friendly Support

SnapPages can also provide generous customer support to back you up if you face any issue while using or building your website. They have very responsive customer support.


Your website will be entirely optimized for performance on a mobile, tablet, or desktop – no matter what sort of screen display it is using. A mobile-optimized site is convenient for users and visitors both.

Blogging Essentials

You can also get blogging essentials if you are using SnapPages; hence, it is the ideal website builder for blogs. It customizes websites for usage as a blog, making things way easier for bloggers.

BASIC ($12/mo if paid annually and $16/mo if paid monthly)

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Customizable Themes
  • 10 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Domain
  • Inject Code Snippets
  • SEO Options

ADVANCED ($18/mo if paid annually and $26/mo if paid monthly)

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor
  • Highly Customizable Themes
  • 20 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Domain
  • Inject Code Snippets
  • SEO Options
  • Advanced Editing and Coding Features
  • Priority Support


Here are the advantages you will enjoy if you use SnapPages website builder.


The response times of your website will be extraordinary if you sign up for the SnapPages website builder. This is a significant pro. The speed at which your website works is critical.


The customer support offered by SnapPages is essential because it is very responsive and cooperative.


SnapPages website editing software and form builder tools are very easy-to-use and can give you exceptional user experience.


SnapPages hosts websites in the cloud perform much better and have better loading speeds. SnapPages provides this feature for free.


The websites designed through SnapPages are compatible with android and can perform well on any mobile or tablet.


The best thing about SnapPages is that its team is continuously improving its software and adding to its capability. With SnapPages, you can enjoy regularly occurring updates. Most website builders – even the most popular ones – are getting stale as they have stopped upgrading their software. SnapPages does not have that flaw.


SnapPages can also integrate social media into your websites and hence, you can enjoy greater functionality.


SnapPages offers an excellent form building tool – unlike many other website builders. It can prove very efficient for website building.


With SnapPages, the ease-of-use goes at a whole new level as you can create default settings for your website and apply that theme to everything. You can choose a specific item, color palette, and font for all your icons and elements. With SnapPages you can also edit each section of your web page individually to customize it further.


Easy onboarding is another feature that is provided by SnapPages. You can quickly sign up for the service and go through a tutorial created for users. The tutorial guides you on everything from website building to functioning. It is another tool that improves customer support.


The functionality of drag-and-drop features is perfect at every stage. You will never face any problems regarding the working of tools provided by SnapPages.


SnapPages also allows you to integrate google analytics features into your website. Through analytical reports, you can scale the growth and functioning of your sites for free.


SnapPages provides you with a well-developed, modernized, and perfectly workable platform for website building.


The templates offered by SnapPages are highly reactive and well-designed.


  • High Prices
  • No E-commerce functionality except 3rd-party integrations


During our term of usage, we have been somewhat disconcerted by the lack of options to choose from in terms of templates. Other than that, there are many things to cherish and enjoy the websites built and hosted through SnapPages. One of those is cloud hosting – we have never seen other website builders provide cloud hosting in addition to a website builder. That takes uptime, performance, loading speeds, functionality, and security to a whole new level. These are the reasons that make SnapPages a recommendable web host and website builder.

In addition to cloud hosting, SnapPages also provides updated tools like form builders and section editing flexibility. You can also import plugins like e-commerce from 3rd party providers to further facilitate your website. SnapPages also gives you the option to dig deeper and code your website if you are a programmer. Hence it does have a lot of supportive possibilities for everybody. It is recommended for small websites and businesses. The prices are high, and the plans are limited – but they can leverage your system adequately. You will get good value for the price you pay, and there are almost no downsides except for the limited templates.

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