Review Process

We at Hosting-Direction follow a similar approach for each hosting company we study & review. It assists us in staying detailed and objective while giving us a structure to build our reviews. This process helps us a lot when we finish examining the company. It helps us in comparing their features and offerings, as they are very similar but different as well at the same time.

Our motives inspire us to give you the best of the best. And when it comes to choosing what’s the better choice, let us do that job for you. I can surely say that our team of experts will not disappoint you.


We Study

Before we do any sign-ups on any of the hosting sites. We take a considerable amount of time to check and study each new hosting company. Of course, in complete detail. Everyday navigation, Information about their hosting services. And most importantly, we review any transparent terms of service.

We check their plans plus the offers and features they are giving to the customers. Everything about the host like false marketing, language barriers. Unspecified servers Old, or new technologies. Convoluted terms of services, Limitations, poor navigation. Any of this don't go unmentioned on our review process.

We also like to dig deep into the surroundings as it helps us in getting the legit Information. Then we use this information to form reviews.

We Sign Up

Once we complete our check list, we start by opening up a new account with the hosting company. Purchase a plan, and we prefer the one which most advertised, of course. However, we do not limit our selves there. We do review cheap and other considerable options.

In this process, we Particularly pay our attention to the following:

Speed & Reliability: Does it perform fast, how much time does any page require to load & how much time do you need to get your account started.

Payment: How many options are available for payment, In our book Payment options should be as many as possible.

Hidden Fees: Almost every time you go on a hosting site, and you buy something and then suddenly at the moment you make payment. These companies force to get a long term plan through discounts and other vouchers. However, it is considered fair; most of the time, they do give you a lot of features along with slight inflation on price.

Hosting Setup: Opening the account is just halfway through the process; In almost every case, the hosting gets activated instantly and automatically. Once the payments get cleared, you are good to go! However, sometimes you might have to face an unavoidable problem that results in longer wait times or some time manual activation.

We Test Control Panel

Mostly, A web host company grants you client level access and a control panel mostly c-Panel. However, it may dubbed; it is the place where you can manage your complete hosting from like, for example. It will help you achieve your payment details. Settling hosting fees and purchasing new products. Accessing your c-panel is one of the cores of any hosting.

The C-Panel or Control panel refers to a place from where you can manage everything centerally. That is your domain names, Add or removing domains, and creating sub domains, Mailboxes, and Installing CMS's, Accessing Core files from the file manager. We examine its performance and include what we evaluate from it and provide brief in our reviews.

Test Site & Monitor

After we are done browsing around the host's website to get a better hand of it. We create a test environment or you can say a website and hook it up to a monitoring system. We install WordPress and Other CMS on them through 1-click installers. After all why not use the modern technology to do thing right! Then:

Real Time Monitoring: We connect the web site to a real-time monitoring system to calculate the numbers they provide on their website.

Speed Monitoring: Every once a month we take up to five speed tests to get the down times and load time. This speed test is conducted through two different applications.

Load Monitoring: Every Once a month we use a LoadImpact tester to learn and understand how the website and host handles heavy loads of traffic, and a huge number of users. This test is one of the most valuable test for any webmaster wants visitors and they want to know how their servers are to react in such harsh conditions. Because almost 50% of the hosts goes down in this testing phase.

Knowledge Base For Customer Service

We contact host's customer support team before we even start to perform anything on the hosting service. We do this to get a taste of how will the company handle this kind of testing.

Afterwards we follow up with multiple technical sessions with technical support staff. Asking them some seriously technical questions. Ranging from fairly simple to impossible queries. This way we get a idea about how great the response times are and how much technical knowledge they have?

What we do is present the support staff with some questions that are impossible for any support agent to follow up on to. This the way to learn their approach and work ethics also their desire to help, which almost every time results as excellent.

We Conclude!

Once all things said and done. We write our final reviews and ascribe our rating. Initially, of course, all new hosting companies get rated by a team of experts

Following a Path which is as follows:

Uptime – 25%, undoubtedly, this is one most important factor; everyone wants to have an always accessible website.

Speed – 25%, page loading time, handling stress and stability are hugely important factors that determine user experience and site ranking.

Support – 30%, if the site is quick and online all the time, help might not even be called into action; immediate assistance always appreciated.

Price – 10%, hosting, after all, is an expenditure and the cost matters; Not ascribed higher value as there are many deals and discounts that you can take benefit. Price alone is an insignificant metric; it only makes sense when compared to the performance you get.

Features – 10%, Feature, of course, are very important. As you paid the amount for hosting, you should be expecting a great variety of features.

All these six processes form in a final review, which you see on our pages — each one of the hosting companies ranked on at 0-10 basis. Of course, independently, then we calculate their average and finally rate them as a hosting provider.

Now then, once we get done with that, a certain number of user reviews we add in the user review section. We do this to add their customer’s value to the final grading. Lastly, the end-user reviews make up 20% of the complete report.

  • You can go ahead and check out website hosting reviews even with or without these user reviews. Because we know, sometimes the users face any error that other users don’t. Based on that, they provide a bad review. However, we have to consider everybody.
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