PureVPN is a VPN that can secure your digital life. The company is offering numerous beneficial facts and figures that can help you to enjoy your digital experiences. Moreover, PureVPN’s main concern is to keep your daily life secure and confidential. Today PureVPN operates 2000+ servers in 140 + countries. Because the company provides instant access to your favourite content. However, the purpose of PureVPN is to give their clients full access to everything on the internet. Also, the purpose is to give access to download everything and remain protected. Because they want to gain client trust.

Nowadays, PureVPN being the high-grade personalized virtual service provider network. With so much rivalry, it’s hard to separate different VPN administration. Finally, After getting to know about various VPN companies, I have come to value the highlights of PureVPN that make it my favourite VPN.

Let’s experience PureVPN with the clarity of words to know more about it.



PureVPN is the exemplary success story of Uzair Gadit, who is from  Pakistan. Their journey started in November 2006 when an experiment on personal VPN services became an extraordinary success. Firstly, In 2006 Hong Kong they experiment with a VPN, which was the beginning of a captivating PureVPN product. From 2007 to 2008, PureVPN begins services of digital products with using  VPN servers at two different locations. The Year people saw the company expand to 16 areas. Secondly, PureVPN announced its first software for client windows and mac in 2009. However, their digital marketing scope changed forever. The company expand its network with more servers in every country.

Thirdly, In 2012 PureVPN joined the mobile revolution; they launched their Andriod and IOS apps. Initially, PureVPN was attracting people from everywhere around the globe. Then they start expanding their networks with every passing day. Similarly, in 2015 PureVPN continued to fulfil the ever-evolving requirements of the internet user.However, the company has access to P2P and bit torrent via VPN on definite servers and ad-blocking tools. Also, PureVPN is fantastic for torrenting,  extraordinary to Netflix,  anonymous browsing, and safety portion while being on public wifi. Similarly, it provides Windows, Mac, IOS, Andriod, Linux apps, Chrome, and firefox extension. However, there is also a website-unblocking Smart DNS system for games lone, TVs, and much more.

Finally, By the end of 2016, PureVPN became one of the good online secure VPN services. Today, PureVpn is the only VPN company in the market which provide one of the best security features to combat with hackers and snooper and carries with it the best of reputation.PureVPN purpose is to provide their client 100percent secure and privacy intact environment to offer full internet freedom. They prove that they have lived up to their words!



Firstly, PureVPN belongs to Chinese jurisdiction, and its main office has located in Hong Kong. Secondly, It seems that China has a repressive regulation on the internet. But the government didn’t take a step to ban VPN since Hong Kong is an autonomous place in china. They have 200+ servers in 14+ nations. Its website says that they don’t have severs on another planet except for earth. But the company also have servers from North to South. Therefore, they are the most geographic variety offered by any VPN.

PureVPN is a great thing for family users because one account supports five connections. They support all platforms for tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Earlier, it claims that VPN didn’t work with Linux, but now they also offer VPN for Linux after improving their performance. Furthermore, PureVPN has desktop apps for Windows and Mac users to encourage their users to enjoy the chrome and Firefox Extension. They have many features listed below.


Everyone seeks privacy and security while picking a VPN. It makes users feel safe. So people want to choose the best of them. In many aspects, PureVPN is an excellent VPN provider to keep your computers safe from malware attacks and unexpected situations.


They provide several VPN protocols that allow you to choose the connection. When you open a VPN, it is the default one protocol, but you can easily swith=ch to any other protocol that suits your preferences.

There are many functions of each protocol. For example, the coding level and speed. Moreover, PPTP has the lowest encryption but a better rate of speed. In contrast, PureVPN provides better encryption level but perform slower due to SSTP.In short, the performance of the VPN depends on the internet connection.


PureVPn has many excellent features for its users to deliver advanced protection. It makes this product stand out among other competitors.

  • App Blocker
  • Split Tunneling
  • Content Filter
  • URL Filter
  • Kill Switch
  • Port Forwarding
  • Smart DNS server
  • NAT Firewall


Usually, the excellent VPNs have additional features like antivirus or malware defence. But PureVPN is among all the leaders and offers a selection of the most progressive thing. The VPN has many security levels for detections and prevention of other elements to enter your digital life or your device. Moreover, they have an excellent feature to check all the incoming activities and have the ability to blocks them. The purpose of this feature is to make sure nobody can get through this wall.


In the past, the VPN companies had shocked by the news PureVPN leaked information of users that helps the FBI to identify the hackers. It means that they provide keep more details about subscribers than it claims. The scenario creates chaos and alert people to choose VPN wisely. Of course, security is a real concern. The company recently checked its privacy, and the outputs seem not right. It is now clear and understandable. However, specific questions regarding how it treats Los remain.

The team says that they don’t log your activity or DNS queries. They also don’t use your server’s real IP address. But they note when you begin to utilize the server, the available bandwidth you take during the session. But still, things you do in the virtual world.


PureVPN has a vast chain of servers on all continents, but many countries cover by virtual servers. Even though competitors have large selection because they satisfy the majority, you will get assistance by choosing servers. Also, you can flag your favourite places for access.


Initially, TOR is a chain of servers that allows people to browse the internet anonymously. The main difference with VPNs is that TOR’s aim to protect your anonymity. They provide an incredible tandem to support both privacy and anonymity. However, TOR and VPNs may reduce your speed while using the internet. Also, the wrong choice of a VPN will make it challenging to use TOR. In the case with PureVPN, you can use it on top of TOR, but it gives you much.

These uncertainties to their logging policy are best. It has written on its official website that “it is way better than TOR in terms of speed, security, and anonymity.” VPN does an excellent job of taking care of its subscribers.


Plenty of users think to pick the best VPN that will not affect the speed of your computers, tablets, or smartphones. It is the best choice if you are wondering about secure ways for Streaming. They conduct their tests to see whether PureVPN is the world’s fastest VPN. They discover that it diminishes download speed by more than 5 per cent internally and almost 60 per cent internationally. In uploading speed, PureVPN gives the rate slower, nearly 7 per cent internally and 99 per cent internationally. Overall, these outcomes are average, but they show that the network is far from being the speediest.

Also, If you decide to utilize an American server while being in England, the speed will be around 35Mbps, and it is not fast compared to other leading providers. But this is yet OK for regular HD streaming. PureVPN requires about 10 seconds to connect to servers in several countries, and this is unforgivable.


PureVPN remains a beautiful thing to utilize with Netflix. According to the provider, the streaming company would not work with VPNs that offer shared IPs. But PureVPN grants dedicated IP addresses to subscribers. So, you maybe 100% anonymous on Netflix and will never discover that you are utilizing a VPN. Moreover, the provider says you will get the chance to watch the US video in just minutes. They manage to access Netflix much time and don’t have any connectivity problems.


They allow you to use P2P and torrent connection. However, not via every server. You are not able to share files on servers in those countries which don’t favour torrenting. But the list of states where you can utilize torrent connection is outstanding, and no need to get stress.

Other streaming options:

PureVPn gives you fast access to the primary streaming services. However, you can connect to Sky TV, Hulu, Kodi, ABC, ESP, and more though particular servers. It encourages you to enjoy the fast blazing speed on over 100s of the popular streaming channel.


They conduct many tests to ensure the severs about DNS leaks, and they don’t find a single one. The address issues with the gravity option is a part of its secure DND server. They also suggest to not to utilize it with another protection feature, Ozone.


PureVPN has exceptionally affordable pricing. It offers excellent plans and also non-expensive features, unlike other competitors. Similarly, they are offering a 7days trial package for incoming users. They provide promises to return your money within 31 days if you are not satisfied with the service. However, it may take up to one month to receive the money. The staff says it depends on your bank card or payment provider.

They also try to resolve the issues first, and in case the problem will occur. And provide you with the best customer service to fix the issues within 24 hours. Don’t miss their updates about great deals.

Here are the plans listed below.


1 MONTH PLAN ($10.95 / MO *)

This plan includes many features for users to enjoy a one month plan. It costs $10.9s for one month. While choosing this plan, you will get no discount offer.


They offer a seven-day trial package for users to gain trust in the market. It costs $6.49/ mo * that is 40% off from a 1-month plan. And, users have to pay billed annually. In a seven day trial, you can cancel it anytime. It is the best plan to choose from others.


In this, you will get 24% off, and you have to pay $8.33 per month and offer you many features to gain your trust. Also, users will pay for this plan semi-annually.



PureVPN provides many facilities to secure your digital life. Let’s check out the pros that make them people a popular choice :


PureVPN is a fantastic piece of software. It’s fast and reliable. Also, it passes through most internet restrictions in the work network and allows people to navigate through the internet privately. Moreover, PureVPN has a fast connection to pass-through internet restriction. You can trust the policies and ways of working that behold PureVPN.


PureVPN provides dedicated IP to enjoy total control of your internet connection. There are many web services, mainly corporate job roles, that require a static IP to access the sure database. However, a dedicated IP can prove to be your passport to specific networks, databases, and servers.


PureVPN also acts as a router VPN. If you want to set up PureVPN on your home wifi, make sure your router supports either one of these protocols: OpenVPN or PPTP. Moreover, VPN on your router is much like a VPN client, establish a secure and private connection between you and the internet. However, encrypting a single device, it protects multiple devices such as your smartphone, computer, tablets, and other devices at once


PureVPN has over 2000 + servers,140+ countries,180+ location and 3 million plus satisfied user.


PureVPN is one of the best and most affordable VPN available in the market right now. Moreover, it has one of the easiest to use interfaces. Also, they offer incredible speeds so that the user will not experience any difficulties in Streaming and downloading.


Right now, the company browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox, but they advertised opera extension is also coming soon on their member area for users. Moreover, options available for an advanced user to use tunnelling protocols known in the world.


Apart from other works, people usually spend most of their time searching for suitable items, software, and information. And while doing that, they generally visit many sites on the internet, which are either unsafe or untrustable. In this case, they need a VPN to hide their real information. So PureVPN showed up is one of the most secure VPN in the market. I preferred PureVPN because it provides fast connection IP and they are so much secured. Moreover, using PureVPN, you can get into any non-accessible sites.


PureVPN offers you a 31-day money-back guarantee to make it easier for you to choose. They will give a refund if you don’t like their services within the first 20 days of usage its support many payment methods like Visa Paypal Discover, Bitcoin American Express.


They provide the best support service if you face any problem with the facility of 24/7. Their teams not only solve technical issues. But also help with all aspects of being online your website. You can call them at any time.



With PureVPN, the worse thing is that it takes a while to locate the nearest and right server remotely. Moreover, there are specific locations in Asia that advertise as ready to connect but the attempts time out. In short, it has a slow server and app connections.


PureVPN is good. But one thing I don’t like about their service is not allowing users to download their various applications without logging in. It happened to users when they wanted to download their IOS app. But it prompts them to the order page to purchase because they were not logging in. in short, I’ll suggest they make their app available for download without login to their website.


I strongly recommend PureVPN to people who want to experience the best VPN services to keep their digital life secure and private. Also, PureVPN leaves a double impression. On the other hand, it is also a great VPN provider which give many benefits that many competitors fail to offer. For example, In china government ban VPN service but PureVPN grants access to online content in China. Also, it allows using Netflix even though the latter is at war with virtual private networks.

Overall, PureVPN is quite reasonable. Moreover, the company is straightforward and inexpensive. In my opinion, if you are willing to enjoy US Netflix, you should add PureVPN in your cart. Moreover, PureVPN aim is to provide top-quality services and to differentiate itself from competitors. But PureVPN still, has a lot of tasks to do.

Yet if your primary concern is security,  I advise being careful. The company logging policy still raises questions. However, PureVPN was just unlucky to be attacked by a cyberstalker, but it is not the only VPN provider you may doubt. Plus, my main tests showed that its protection against major internet threats is on a high level.

So, yes, I do recommend it.

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