Namecheap is a privately owned and independently run web hosting company and domain registrar that is well-known for the affordability of the services it offers. Here we will discuss the quality and reliability of the services that they provide as a web host.


Namecheap is a domain registrar, and secondarily a web hosting company. This company is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which offers services of domain name registration, and offers aftermarket domain names for sale. Aftermarket domain names are the domain names that are under use by third parties and registered by third parties. Richard Kirkendall founded this company in 2000, and today it offers several products like domain names, VPN, website hosting, WhoisGuard, and SSL Certificates. It boasts 11 million domains registered, becoming the second-largest web host by market shares.

Namecheap was voted the best domain registrar in November 2010, and it appeared again as the Most Popular Domain Name Registrar in September 2012, in Lifehacker polls. It announced Bitcoin as its payment method in March 2013. It has also faced several issues like being put on notice for breach of their Registrar Accreditation Agreement with ICANN in March 2014. It was also confronted by users who could not transfer or register their domains. As of 2019, it is the 3rd largest domain registrar in the World. It has been receiving lousy user reviews for the unreliability of the web hosting services it provides.

Many reviewing companies like have been criticizing them for poor uptime, slow connection speeds, and substandard customer support. However, here on the hosting direction, we believe that neither too negative nor too positive reviews of a product can be trusted. We have to acknowledge the plus points they offer, calling a spade a spade. They are the most affordable web host there is, after all, with the least upsells. Everything about Namecheap is transparent. Their transparency, affordability, and user-friendly onboarding are their strong suits. Namecheap is also a supporter of Net Neutrality and has donated over $300,000 in recent years to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future to promote internet rights and freedom.


Uptime is a crucial thing to check when it comes to choosing a home for your website. The time during which your website stays online is the time during which it draws traffic and makes sales or conversions. So, your site must be available to the users for at least 90.95% of the time, for you to be able to receive maximum output from it. The uptime offered by Namecheap on web hosting plans is controversial and criticized in many reviews. However, they do offer a 100% uptime guarantee on their VPS and dedicated server plans – and the performance of VPS was drastically improved compared to web hosting.

The uptime guarantee provided by Namecheap on its official sites states that any extra uptime caused by a fault on their part, like server maintenance, will be compensated. Every hour that your site was down will add a free day to your hosting plan, and up to one month of free hosting will be added to your hosting plan in this way. That is if your site suffers much downtime due to Namecheap. There are cases in which this sort of compensation does not apply, however. That includes the downtime caused by any of the following things:

  • DDoS or similar attacks on Namecheap’s servers.
  • Third-Party software failure.
  • Your activities were maximizing your resource container.
  • Firewall blocks/bans.
  • Browser or DNS caching issues.
  • Other circumstances beyond their control or that are not reasonably foreseeable.

With Namecheap, your site will be online most of the time, and it will have hardly any downtime. Therefore, VPS offered by Namecheap is highly reliable, as we have experienced in our term of usage with Namecheap. Uptime provided by a VPS is critical because VPS hosting is chosen over standard web hosting solely for improved functionality – more excellent uptime, enhanced speed, and increased flexibility. We have always emphasized that uptime is the most important thing to consider when it comes to a web host because it refers to the actual time during which your website is online and available to the visitors. Speed and efficiency are of secondary importance because your visitors have to receive a response from your site in the first place, for it to be called quick or slow, efficient, or lagging.

If the uptime provided by your website is not excellent, (less than 99.95% means around an hour of downtime every month, drastically reducing your traffic, sales, conversions, and so on) then your visitors will see a “page not found” error when they try to access your page during the time it is down or unavailable, and there will be a massive chance of users abandoning your site entirely and moving on to your competitors. Uptime is something that solely depends on the web host and its servers, so you have to choose a web host wisely when deciding on a company to rent web space from. The importance of this factor is why we recommend going for the web hosts, which have an uptime average higher than 99.94% at the least. Most web hosting companies do give you an uptime higher than 99.90%; few give you an uptime higher than 99.94%, which is essential for the basic running of a good website.


The time that the server of your web host takes to respond to the request a user has put in is a significant factor that affects the speed at which your website works. Moreover, the rate of your website is one of the critical factors that are building or destroying its reputation. We can tell you that your website has to be speedy to draw traffic to itself. Your webpages have to load fast for people to visit and revisit them. Telling you this would be a cliché in this era of speed and technology. Rate is the prime factor that builds or destroys the reputation of your website and attracts people to it. It is the era of speedy technology and mobile.

People are continually moving up on the ladder of speed, looking for the quickest way to get a job done, and it won’t help your website to be lacking efficiency when convenience is the thing that is most prioritized and prized by your visitors and competitors. Several things like TTFB, response time, and the time taken to load a webpage fully are used to determine speed provided by a web host server. TTFB is the time taken to load the first byte of the first file requested by a user, and in terms of TTFB, Namecheap performs well. It is taking only 0.429s compared to its competitors. In terms of time taken to load a document fully, it took 1.48 seconds only, which is exceptional compared to the industry average.

However, the response time was overall 830 ms, which was close to the average performance in the industry and around twice as slow as the best web hosts that we have reviewed. Namecheap falls in the category of ordinary web hosts when tested on standard web hosting, but in VPS, it provides one of the best speeds available in the industry at prices that are way lower than the industry standards. With Namecheap VPS, your website will be loaded as quickly as possible and have maximum efficiency.


Namecheap is well known in the industry for its affordability and the available pricing plans it offers. It is one of the most economical services in terms of standard web hosting as well as VPS web hosting. There are two VPS hosting plans provided by Namecheap – Pulsar and Quasar. Here are the details of what both these plans have to offer.


Here are the features that are a part of both the plans and hence can be used easily.


You can have extra protection with state-of-the-art firewalls.


Get full root access, your choice of Operating System (OS), and the option to install a cPanel.


Keep your “virtual” hosting environment in the safest of hands, thanks to state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls, alongside our internal security package.


Enjoy 20X faster storage with pure Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage as well as super-speedy site-loading times for your users.


Let your business skyrocket, not your budget. Compared to our competitors, their VPS Hosting Plans offer you all the necessary resources at a lower cost, so you only pay for what you need.


Have any questions, want to discuss your options, or upgrade your Server Management? With Namecheap, you can count on them to help you out—no matter what.


Act if and when your business scales in size. Start as small as your business can afford and grow as your business expands—whether that’s extra disk space, CPU power, or bandwidth.


Namecheap offers complete server management options in all plans.


You can get a free domain name and full privacy protection for the first year.


This plan costs 11.88 dollars per month and renews at the same price each month – transparency is a crucial feature – no pricing tricks at all.

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 40 GB SSD RAID 10
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth


This plan costs 19.88 dollars per month and renews at the same price each month – transparency is a crucial feature – no pricing tricks at all.

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD RAID 10
  • 3000 GB Bandwidth


Here are all the advantages you will have if you choose Namecheap web hosting.


All the plans Namecheap has to offer you are cheap, and it gives you about twice as much value in half as much money. So, if you are going for affordability and quality, Namecheap could be your best choice.


Many other companies have high renewal rates, and many more use pricing tricks to bring in customers. However, Namecheap’s services revolve around transparency and affordability. Customer service and satisfaction are first and foremost in all their services.


Namecheap allows valuable hardware upgrades for low prices. It is a great advantage compared to what other companies have to offer. Many of them don’t provide any upgrade at all, and those that do, charge high prices.


Namecheap offers you a free twice-a-week backup to keep all your data safe and sound when you are using VPS hosting for improved functionality.


Namecheap gives you the best onboarding experience and easy account management to go with it. These two features are one of the most prized ones in the whole industry.


Namecheap has many quality features like these to offer you free of cost, while its competitors would have you pay for one of them, at least, if not all of them. It has quality domain names, SSL certificates for security, and site migrations to provide to you free of cost if you choose its VPS hosting.


They offer you a suitable refund policy, in case you do not like their services. Any contract does not bind you to them, and you can merely get your money back and go away if you disapprove of what Namecheap has to offer. Other VPS services might not have a refund policy.


Low default allocations


Overall, Namecheap is one of the best companies in the market in terms of pricing and transparency. They have excellent uptime and speed in VPS hosting, and they offer more than most in prices that are lower than the industry standard. The prices are also listed unambiguously without any tricks. This VPS service is highly recommendable for its affordability. It offers excellent functionality.

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