Liquid Web Hosting is a fully managed hosting service. It manages to provide you access over the best hosting experience. It has numerous features. LIQUID WEB HOSTING is fast, secure & hustle free hosting.

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LIQUID WEB HOSTING was established over 20 years back. It is US-based Liquid Web has developed into a $100 million web hosting business which presently oversees 1.5 million destinations for 45,000+ clients over its ten worldwide server farms. The organization offers amazing oversaw hosting items focused on decisively at business and expert clients. That implies no free plans or essential shared hosting. Liquid Web is about the elite, exceptionally configurable cloud, overseen application and committed worker items.

This hosting site provides incomparable uptime. Consistently there-for-you uphold, and a steady responsibility to working out greater usefulness for the client.

It has a needlessly manufactured, multi-layered organization with four data centres in the US. In addition to one more in Amsterdam. The organization exploits all the most recent advances available and claims the entirety of its equipment, giving Liquid Web more power over the choices it can offer customers.

This hosting site has three essential tracks for best hosting. It is by excluding handled WordPress and WooCommerce arrangements. You pay somewhat of a premium for managed hosting. However, the true serenity you get in return is precious.


Liquid Web exceeds expectations in hosting; truth be told, that is the purpose behind the administration Editors Choice assignment. With that hosting, a business doesn’t house its workers on location. Instead, the workers are hosted at a web host data centre. That may seem like a depiction of what each Web hosting administration does. However, Liquid Web goes a long ways past basically presenting records distantly. The organization can deal with all the sites regulatory obligations and backing assignments. Or by paying little mind to unpredictability and scale. As you’d presumably suspect, this kind of administration is planned in light of large organizations. Liquid Web hosting is likewise costly, however with the first-class comes enormous specs.



Dependable Managed Server Options

  • Liquid Web offers three levels of help:
  1. Completely dealt with cPanel or Plesk included.
  2. Centre oversaw.
  3. Self-guided.
  • Ultimately claimed and worked datacenters have completely managed network foundation with a help level arrangement (SLA) of 100% uptime ensured.
  • Practice observing accessible alongside a 30-minute equipment substitution strategy.

Chief Add-Ons Boost Speed and Security 

  • Convey your substance much quicker with an overhauled Cloudflare. And you can also do this by Akami content conveyance organization or burden balancers.
  • Watchman off-site reinforcements or capacity zone network helps site proprietors secure their information. It is just as log stockpiling and distributed storage.
  • Strong security has the key role. It ensures your hosting surroundings with firewalls. Firm security has progressed DDoS insurance. It provides consistence help.

Chivalrous Support Available every minute of every day 

  • Liquid Web has groups assigned to support Windows and Linux clients, with more than 250 professionals holding Windows, Red Hat Linux, and Cisco affirmations.
  • Call, live talk, or email for help whenever you want.  You will be associated with an educated expert within a second. The experts are experienced in careful preparing and coaching.
  • Reactions ensured inside 59 seconds for telephone or talk demands.

Enhanced WordPress and WooCommerce 

  • Worker stacks explicitly intended for WordPress speed. Fluid Web’s framework diminishes question loads by 95% and builds limit by over 75%.
  • An association with Jilt, a pioneer in surrendered truck innovation, implies you can make a quick move to catch this lost income.
  • Liquid Web makes online business simple with free movements, a page manufacturer module, quick topic, and top-level help.

Easy & Flexible Usage

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a custom cloud worker with SSDs and a VPN and need to include block stockpiling and burden balancers, or you need a without hands WordPress hosting involvement in cPanel control, Liquid Web makes it simple to begin.

To give the Liquid Web workers a test, we put out solicitations utilizing a straightforward NodeJS/MongoDB application, without storing, using three distinct areas; the outcomes demonstrated joined page load times as much as 30 to 50 per cent quicker than those of contenders. In general, our group discovered their workers to be entirely fabulous, and on the off chance that you need assistance beginning, the Heroic Support group is just a tick or summon.

Liquid Web Support

Liquid Web houses five entire datacenters in the U.S. furthermore, Europe. The organization offers geo-excess and incomparable fiasco recuperation uphold, alongside probably the quickest reaction times in the business.

Because of the best in class innovation and experienced specialists, Liquid Web flaunts incredibly high uptime rates. The organization even ventures to such an extreme as to guarantee 100% organization and force uptime, with 1,000% record credits due for each spontaneous blackout. The master backing of the Heroic Support operators and the quick shouting equipment keep your Liquid Web webpage live and fast and your psyche quiet.

Liquid Web Includes Redundantly Built Network, day in and day out/365 Reliable and Fast Support Available Via Phone, Chat, or Email. 100% Network and Power Uptime Guarantees.


Dependability is a basic component of hosting, particularly for proficient clients. On the off chance that your site is down or a helpless entertainer, that will rapidly get you a helpless notoriety with your guests.

To gauge unwavering quality, we use Uptime to screen a test site over a time of seven days. At regular intervals, Uptime gets to a page on our site, at that point logs its prosperity (or disappointment) and the worker reaction time.

Liquid Web scored an ideal 100% uptime, without a solitary disappointment over our in excess of 2,000 checks. Normal reaction time was fantastic at 214ms (most shared hosting workers accomplish nearer to 300ms, some are 400ms and that is just the beginning.) Google PageSpeed Insights examination and Bitcatcha worker check likewise sure outcomes.

Consistency is significant, and Liquid Web scores well here, as well. We saw one critical blip of 721ms, yet common reaction times beat numerous contenders at 200-300ms, proposing our site would convey steady and solid execution after some time.

Pricing & Plans

Liquid Web offers various pricing plans. These plans are designed according to the product.

Pricing and plans are shown in the image below:


Choose your desirable plan and go with it. You can grab the plan that perfectly fits into the definition of your requirement.


Following are the products that Liquid Web offers:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Dedicated
  • Private VPS Parent
  • Cloud Servers
  • Server Clusters
  • Managed WooCommerce
  • Managed WordPress
  • VMware Private Cloud

Items Offered: 

There are a few profoundly valuable items that Liquid Web offers. It merits taking a gander at some of them in detail so you can pick which one is best for you:

1. Web Hosting with WordPress 

With Liquid Web, one gets WordPress web hosting at no under three levels. It would begin at $119 consistently. The customer organization would get an astounding five terabytes of information moves alongside a hundred gigabytes of strong state drive. They would likewise have ten spaces to have their site on.

Liquid Web has a few highlights that make it a genuinely achievable WordPress have. These incorporate introducing with a single tick, refreshing consequently. And giving their clients admittance to an enormous number of applications, in addition to ins, and so on. Customers of Liquid Web henceforth appreciate full utilization of the Fantastico library. Different preferences on offer are:

  • A pre-introduced CMS
  • Capacity to make displays, pages, posts like a self-hosted site on WordPress
  • Ability to make a test page to get things moving
  •  A broad scope of subjects to browse when giving a site an exceptional and alluring appearance
  • An alternative to making your topic or apply the one you bought from somewhere else.

2. Cloud Hosting 

Liquid cloud hosting is nothing to sniffle at. This hosting is getting increasingly more vital in these advanced occasions since it implies that the site assets are spread across a wide range of workers. It means nobody worker is over-burden with work.

Once more, there are a few levels to cloud hosting with regards to Liquid Web. You can browse Private uproarious, Public Cloud, and Dedicated Cloud. There is additionally the alternative of utilizing this Web hosting administration on a Windows or Linux working frameworks. One can begin with an essential and less expensive worker and move up to another one as they grow their business tasks.

3. Devoted Web Hosting 

Let’s not forget about a dependable site, and Liquid Web committed workers are among the ideal decisions. There are a few arrangements to browse here so that an organization can single out as per their necessities and financial plan. A startup, giving it has the accounts to do as such, can start with the fundamental bundle. It comprises of a solitary processor worker that contains sixteen GB of RAM. This beginning at $199 every month.

The organization gets more settled; they can move up to higher designs. The most extreme here is a double centre processor with 32GB RAM. It is a perfect quality choice, and its cost begins at $599 per month.

4. VPS Web Hosting 

Devoted workers could cost a severe group. Subsequently, an organization can likewise select straightforward VPS Web Hosting by Liquid Web. One of the extraordinary proposals by Liquid Web concerning this item is it charges just for the days that the workers are utilized. It reduces down on expenses and makes crossing out straightforward.

The most basic VPS plan starts at $59 per month and gets you 2GB RAM, 5TB information moves, 40GB healthy state stockpiling, and email unbounded. The most excellent quality offer starts at $219 every month. It can give an organization 1.6TV capacity, 256GB RAM, and a decision among Linux and Windows workers. One can likewise pick altering their worker.

5. Affiliate Web Hosting 

An organization may offer Web hosting themselves, yet pick Liquid Web as an approach to get the advantage of their incredible items. Furthermore, hosting with Liquid Web implies no playing with workers, taking care of data transmission issues, and any problems identifying with the framework. There are consequently a few affiliate bundles mainly developed for organizations like this.

The designs for affiliate bundles, as a rule, cost $59 per month and upwards. It accompanies a particular module called the WebHost Manager Complete Solution. It likewise has a moment provisioning. Both committed, and VPS bundles of the affiliate assortment are accessible in Linux and Windows designs. These paces are furnished with a similar measure of RAM, information moves limit, stockpiling, and so on, that are in the customary bundles. There are no standard bundles of the affiliate kind either.

At the point when one gets an affiliate bundle from Liquid Web, they have consented to apply whatever marking they decide for the leased workers. Moreover, there is likewise technical support gave nonstop.



  • Magnificent devoted, VPS, cloud, and affiliate bundles.
  • Allocated VPS plans.
  • Excellent quality specs.
  • Stupendous client care and uptime in testing.

Magnificent Uptime 

Site uptime is one of the most significant parts of a hosting administration. On the off chance that your site is down, customers or clients will be not able to discover you or access your items or administrations. You don’t need that. Luckily, Liquid Web is amazingly trustworthy.

I utilize a site observing apparatus to follow my test destinations uptime over a fourteen-day duration. At regular intervals, the device pings my sites and sends me an email on the off chance that it can’t contact any of my destinations for in any event one moment. The information uncovered that Liquid Web didn’t go down once through the span of those 14 days.

Brilliant Customer Service 

Liquid Web offers a brilliant Heroic Support client care group. There is a crew of learned individuals who help you in less than a moment if you connect by telephone, in less than 30 minutes if you present an assistance work area ticket, and in less than 59 seconds on the off chance that you connect by the visit. Sounds great, yes? It is.

I started up the web talk on a non-weekend day morning to get some information about the contrast between cloud hosting and customary hosting. A rep went to my guide seconds after the fact and gave me an inviting, intensive clarification. I was dazzled with the speed and exhaustiveness of the reaction.

Since Liquid Web is expensive, it’s acceptable that the administration’s arrangements accompany a 30-day unconditional promise, which is expected in the Web hosting industry. In any case, considering the measure of cash that an organization is probably going to spend for Liquid Web hosting, it is ideal to see a more significant discount window. DreamHost, for instance, has a significant 97-day unconditional promise.


1. Profoundly Expensive 

As stated above, only one out of every odd humble-startup can utilize Liquid Web incredible web hosting management. Since the administration is of such an elevated level, one must be set up to follow through the cost. The expense of Liquid Web hosting bundles may not be such a significant amount for huge companies. Notwithstanding, people going into business, new companies, and battling nearby organizations are typically not ready to dish out such an enormous sum immediately.

The high cost of Liquid Web implies that independent ventures wouldn’t have any space for development trough this means. It is an unbearable pity since an ever-increasing number of clients are presently looking towards nearby organizations to buy mindfully. Costly web hosting administrations thus support the chilly corporate culture as opposed to encouraging an inviting situation for littler contenders.

Contrasted with other web hosting administrations, Liquid Web is thus one of the most costly choices to go for. The costs contrast can be enormous, with basic cuts off offered at under five dollars each.

2. No Shared Hosting 

One reason why Liquid Web Hosting is so costly is that it doesn’t take into consideration shared hosting administrations. Alongside different points of interest, this alternative would have made this specific assistance significantly less expensive. There are a few other dependable webs hosting administrations online which have more moderate bundles alongside shared hosting choices.


I will recommend Liquid Web for sure because it has best hosting features too. But you have to keep in mind that it is expensive. Everything has both positive and negative aspects. You have to cope with the cons of Liquid Web Hosting if you want to work with it. I have mentioned all the information and experiences I have got to know about Liquid Web Hosting.

With all the administrations plot over, it’s nothing unexpected that Liquid Web is one of the most believed web hosting administrations accessible today. There are a few explanations regarding it, however not all things are great, particularly with regards to online administrations. While this organization has an assortment of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and adaptable bundles, only one out of every odd organization can utilize them.

The individuals who can manage the cost of Liquid Web workers, be that as it may, should let it all out. There is a colossal assortment of administrations on offer, and the bundles are liberal and state-of-the-art. Putting resources into such a help could incredibly hone the site execution of numerous organizations.

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