iPage founded in 1998. Making the hosting company one the oldest player in the game of international and national hosting based in The United States, today, hosting more than a million websites and servers across two data centers in the USA. 

iPage is an excellent investment in every aspect of hosting. They provide all types of hosting services, including Shared Hosting, Reseller, VPS, and of course, Dedicated Servers. iPage solutions are by far the cheapest in the market. I mean, look at their shared hosting plan. It all starts at just 1.99 per month. Common iPage, are you kidding me? So this is how you earned so many customers and so much respect over the years.

We spend a considerable amount of time buying and test each of the iPages Dedicated Servers, so let’s start.


Uptime of any hosting or dedicated server is very curial; it represents the company’s images on how stable they are in terms of their services.

iPage has tons of features for each customer. But none of these features like Free Domains, SSL, Excellent Speed aren’t worth much unless your website or web application is reliable enough to hold your visitors or users. To test out their dedicated server uptime, I tested their cheapest server for 18 months. Why I did it? It was because we need to solve this one problem that is faced by almost every customer of Dedicated Hosting. Of course, all the tests conducted with no bias.

Amazingly, iPage was at 99.97% average uptime over the whole test period, which was above industry requirement 95%. I can say that iPage is among the top hosts that I have reviewed so far. A bit down for world best host class, but it will do its job correctly, so you don’t have to worry about it so much.


Speed is something that you can’t deny. iPage offers fast speeds at exceptional prices. You can’t say that this hosting company provides excellent speed, but consider the amount you are paying for it. It has incredible results compared to other hosting companies.

iPage offers a fast to average loading times at lies somewhere between 600 – 750ms. That is pretty darn fast if you look at its competitors like HostGator. Now, if you are not a techie, you must be thinking what this 600 – 760 ms is. That I am talking about, well, it is the speed calculated on a certified application for almost a year, and it means that your website will load in approximately 0.7 seconds. Which is excellent compared to 1 second or more.

You can not do anything to speed up your host. It is what it is? Any load put on the server will only slow it down, not make it faster. Here I am talking about you putting up images and fat content to impress your customers. Of course, low loading speeds will result in lower conversion rates and revenues.



The price of any service plays an essential role in the market. If you are too steep, nobody will buy from you, and if you are too low, people will have a hard time believing if you are delivering what you say you provide on your website. 
iPage offer an excellent variety of plans that are both budget-friendly and high in performance. You can not merely say that iPage is too cheap, as the price they offer is average. The following are the Plans & Prices with complete lists of hardware.



The Startup Server provides the following features. 

  • CPU: 2 Core 
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 500 GB Standard HDD
  • Transfer: 5TB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 3
  • cPanel
  • CentOS 
  • Free One Year Domain
  • PRICE: $119.99 – $149.99  Per Month*


The Professional Server provides the following features. 

  • CPU: 4 Core 
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 1000 GB Standard HDD
  • Transfer: 10TB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 4
  • cPanel
  • CentOS 
  • Free One Year Domain
  • PRICE: $151.99 – $194.99  Per Month*


The Enterprise Server provides the following features. 

  • CPU: 4 Core 
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 1000 GB Standard HDD
  • Transfer: 15TB
  • Dedicated IP Addresses: 5
  • cPanel
  • CentOS 
  • Free One Year Domain
  • PRICE: $191.99 – $239.99  Per Month*



Domain privacy for some of you might be an essential feature. Let me explain this feature for all of you, no techies. Whenever you purchase any domain, you register with a name, email, and other personal details. Then you get an email to verify if the information you have provided is legit. After your confirmation, your information sent on the web database, which people from all around the world can access and see; This is where domain privacy jumps. What is does is simple; it protects all of your information. iPage offers this feature at a price almost none of the hosting companies do.


A website builder is an excellent feature. iPage offers this as a paid feature. However, the price is a bit higher for what you get.  A website builder can be essential, and it can also be useless; it all depends on the user if the user is a non-technical person. A website builder should be a viable option, but for high-end developers, this is a waste off money. 

What is a website builder, and how will it help me? A website builder allows you the user to drag and drop the features and plugins you like. For example, you will be provided a base of the website and a lot of drag and drop options all you need to do now is click-drag and drop and put your data inside. 


iPage offers an all in one bundle as a complete WordPress solution. All in one’s are an excellent option if you are looking for something in WordPress. All in one package is an attractive feature for both developers and non-techies as it provides a complete set of WordPress 

Themes and plugins for you to use Freely. Now I know you all must be thinking that it will cost you alot. No! It won’t. I mean it is WordPress we are talking about it is free and paid both at the same time. But imagine you will get all the premium support options in just a few bucks a month. 


iPage offers Google Emailing Solution at a meager price. Now What Google emailing solution or G- Suite does? G – Suite is a solution for everyone that wants to manage his/her email. I use it, and I can say that it is fantastic. It allows you to create, manage, and share calendars; G – Suite is not limited to that. You can do a lot more than that.



Free Domains are always bliss. iPage offer a free domain to each customer, and it is not limited to dedicated hosting only. Every service you purchase from iPage, they will be providing a Domain name for free but only for one year. And if you decide to get a refund for the hosting service you purchase, The domain is nonrefundable. 


Every purchase of a dedicated hosting server, you will be receiving a personal domain email address. On which you can create up to 100 email addresses or more depending upon your needs. You can allocate each email mailbox with a limited amount of storage. 

In my opinion, personalized email addresses are a great way of promoting your business. I have been using these since I started my business, and it has gained me a lot of activity on websites. 


One more free feature that you get from iPage is their offer of letting their customers host unlimited domains on any on their dedicated server plan. Imagine you have ten or more websites or web applications, and you want to organize and manage them all from one place because hosting each of them individually is going to cost a lot. And it is also going to use up a ton of resources. 


iPage offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. This guarantee is for the people who don’t like what they bought or if the server is not meeting their requirements, or it is also there in case the iPage is not providing what they marketed. However, this 30 days money-back policy only applies to the services they offered; Domain is non-refundable.



Security has always been the top concern for anyone. It is one of the world’s hugest issues whether you talk about it in real life or on the web world. iPage provides excellent security options for your web solutions and will take care of your websites and servers. Completely managed from one point, They offer Free SSL for your domain and provide additional security for you.


Excellent customer support is a massive pro for any company. Customers can be gained or lost based on how knowledgeable the company’s support is also it depends on how communicative they are. There were times when I purchased iPage Shared Hosting and Multiple dedicated servers for testing. I was having trouble installing a few applications and SSL on some of my websites. 

I contacted iPage Support via Live Chat, which of course, is available 24/7. iPage Expert took a session of my server and resolved my problem in just a few minutes and amazingly I didn’t face the challenge of waiting long ques 



One of the two Cons that I faced was There are a lot of options but with a Price tag. I mean, you can get all of these features for free on almost every single. Hosting company. Free Features are ways of gaining more and more customers. However, iPage thinks otherwise. 

But it is good that they don’t have any hidden charges, But they will charge you for every feature that you want to run your hosting or server.


Not Green! I know most you don’t even think about it, but it is one of the Cons of iPage hosting, What is Green Hosting? Green Hosting is when any of the company is not producing any harmful environmental products. iPage was once green, but as of December 2018, Wikipedia Removed The Company’s name from EPA a list of Green Partners.  



Dedicated Server Hosting is the ultimate solution in web hosting solutions. It gives you great freedom and massive support for applications. In short, what it means is that you are renting out a physical server for your websites, web applications, or any business. In a Dedicated Server, you are not sharing any of your resources with anyone, so it is yours entirely. Since you are not sharing any of the hardware with anyone on the web, you should be able to experience the ultimate and enhanced performance, whether you talk about speed or reliability. How? It is possible due to the load you put on the server because, in shared hosting, you have no idea about how many websites are currently running on that particular server. So it can crash and have a lot of downfalls to it. 


Dedicated Server is an excellent choice for any business owner. Or for someone who doesn’t want to share his/her resources with anyone. You can also say, in other words, that it all depends on the user if you want a solution dedicated to you and your company. A dedicated Solution is excellent, but if you’re going to host a single website, then it is a bit of an overkill. But that is my opinion; yours may differ.


Do I recommend iPage? Honestly, Yes! But iPage is a non-budget friendly solution. Looking at the number of features you are going to get at that price, you can get a whole lot more. There are tons of Hosts in the world that can give you all iPage paid features is Free. I would recommend iPage to almost everyone, but it is entirely your choice to go for it or not. As I mention above, many times in my review, their prices are steep.

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