• 99.95% Uptime Average
  • 0.16 Seconds of Industry Best Response Time
  • Price Lock feature
  • Free SSL, SSH, and SFTP
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Guaranteed Mail Delivery
  • Unlimited Disk Space, Email Accounts, and FTP Accounts
  • Inter-Proxy Caching
  • Inter-Insurance and Inter-Shield Security
  • Backend Struggles with too much traffic
  • Only one standard shared hosting plan offered


InterServer is a privately owned and independently-run company in the world of conglomerates like the Endurance International Group that owns half the web hosts out there. We’ll give you an in-depth review of this service based on our experience with them.


InterServer offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee to all its users, excluding the downtime caused by scheduled server maintenance sessions. We weren’t expecting a lot when we signed up because there are hardly any big claims on the website, but things turned out way better. We enjoyed a solid 99.95% average for 14 months. Hence, the uptime provision of InterServer brings it near the top of the list of web hosts with maximum uptime.


Though the uptime average surprised us, the page load times, response times, and TTFB beguiled us even more. The speed provided by InterServer is the absolute best among all the web hosts that we have tried and reviewed. Those teenage founders did an outstanding job of optimizing the technology of the world of hosting. Even the biggest hosts can’t go anywhere near the speed average provided by InterServer that lies around 0.16 seconds in terms of response time.


InterServer offers many kinds of hosting plans starting from Standard web hosting to VPS and Dedicated Server hosting. Here are the details of all those features that are included in the only standard web hosting plan offered by InterServer. Yes, InterServer offers only one standard or shared hosting plan with a price of 5 dollars if you sign up for one month, 4.50 dollars if you sign up for a full year, and only 4 dollars if you sign up for three years. We count this as a con later on because people might be more comfortable with picking a plan of their own choice from two or three projects. Three is the standard number of shared hosting plans offered by web hosts, while two is the next most common number. The program stacks up well compared to the procedures provided by other web hosting companies, and InterServer has offered some comparisons on the official site as well.

InterServer may appear to be pricey if you judge it by the standard shared hosting plan, but the higher tiers stack up very well against the competition. The bigger packages like pro hosting plans offer way more resources. In pricing, the more prominent plans cost you way less than the amounts other web hosts charge for the same quantity of resources. InterServer is all about the best industry practices and the highest quality so that you will have 50% of the server resources available on all pro plans, with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Features Included in All Plans

Under this heading, you will find a list of the features that form the core and crux of InterServer and are available on all its plans, i.e., shared and pro.

Price-Lock Guarantee

It is a unique feature that is limited to InterServer alone. We have the idea that this feature must have been inspired by the problems that the teenage founders of InterServer themselves faced while hosting their sites. It locks the prices exactly where they are when you sign up, they can never deviate from that standard during your period of hosting with InterServer. It is the thing that makes InterServer stand out in this sea of web hosts who put earning first and customer happiness second. We appreciated this feature because we were sick of web hosts subjecting us to price fluctuations during our terms of hosting with them.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

The control panel employed by InterServer is the cPanel, well-known for its convenience and ease of usage for beginners and experts alike.

Guaranteed Email Delivery

Another unique feature of InterServer is guaranteed email delivery. InterServer not only gives you unlimited email resources but also makes sure that your emails get delivered no matter what.

Free Site Migration Service

Like many other web hosts, InterServer also offers free website migration or transfer to its customers. The experts of InterServer themselves supervise the task of safely shifting your data from one place to the other.


This service includes investigation, restoration, and prevention. Inter-Insurance will clean up compromised, hacked, or exploited accounts by investigating the cause of the problem, restoring the account to its original state, and preventing future issues by recognizing and fixing the underlying causes. This service is not limited to the InterServer users, as InterServer extends this courtesy to new customers as well. During the process of migration, they will clean up your account. InterServer has a team of WordPress experts. They have a specialty in getting WordPress websites back online safely and preventing future problems.

Inter-proxy Caching

InterServer uses this method of caching to ensure maximum speed and performance for your website. Here is a detail of the process given on the official website of InterServer:

Raid Level: LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. Sector level hot spot caching on the storage device.

Hardware Level: Files under 2mb in size are stored in RAM. A typical web hosting node has 512-20248GB of memory.

Software Level: LSCache for dynamic content caching.

Packet Level: QUIC – Developed by google for reduced connection times.

Inter-Shield Security

It is a feature developed in-house by InterServer to protect your website from attacks and malware. They have automatic virus scanning and a malware database that they use to keep your site safe and sound. It is included for free in all web hosting plans.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

The uptime guarantee is a standard one, covering 99.9% percent of uptime while allowing space for scheduled server maintenance. However, the uptime average we observed was 99.95%, which is excellent.

Big Data Transfer

InterServer allows you to use at least 50% of the server resources on all web hosting plans, so you will never have a problem during data transfer.

24/7 Support

24/7 support is included in all the packages. The customer support provided by InterServer is one of the best in the industry, judging from our personal experience and user opinion combined.

50% Server Capacity

InterServer allows all its customers to use at least 50% of the server resources so that they never run out of provisions.

$1.99 Domain Registration

Domain registrations are not free, but they charge only $1.99 for each one. InterServer transparently lists all its pricings.

Affordable E-commerce Solutions to Empower your Store

InterServer provides affordable e-commerce solutions that allow you to build your e-commerce store on a platform of your own choice. You can choose from Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and much more.

Unlimited Storage Space

InterServer allows you to use unlimited disk space for your data. With web hosting, having an unlimited resource means that the limitations on that resource are too high for a regular customer to approach.

Unlimited Data Transfer

There is no limit to the amount of data you can transfer with InterServer.

Weekly Backups

It is crucial to back up your data online because you might lose it at any time. Backups come in handy when you want to recover files, and InterServer backs your data up for free every week.

Unlimited FTP Accounts

InterServer does not put any limit on the number of FTP accounts you can make.

Cloud Apps

InterServer gives you many cloud apps for free with all packages.

SSD Caching Servers

The servers of InterServer web hosting cache your data using SSD drives.

Raid-10 Storage

InterServer also uses Raid-10 technology for the storage of data.

Speed Optimization

This web host has primarily focused its technologies on speed, providing the best gear in the industry.

Ultra-Fast Web Server (LiteSpeed)

The servers of this web host are optimized to provide the fastest speeds.

Cloud Linux OS

It uses Cloud Linux OS for offering the best performance.

10 GB Cisco Network

It is another tool used to maximize the efficiency of the network.

Free Cloudflare CDN

A content delivery network or CDN is the thing that distributes your data across data centers to make it accessible across the globe. It increases the speed at which your website works.

Cron Jobs

InterServer also uses Cron Jobs to optimize the performance of your website.

File Manager

InterServer also gives you a file manager to keep your data arranged.


InterServer allows you to backup and restores your files anytime.

Unlimited Email Accounts

There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can get with InterServer.

Unlimited Forwarders

You get unlimited email forwarders with InterServer.

WebMail Access

They give you free access to webmail.

iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android Supported

The software of InterServer is compatible with all these mobile phones.

Spam Filtering

InterServer also protects you from spam by filtering it out.

SSL Encryption

SSL certificates are the things that make your website trustable for search engines and boost your SEO rankings. InterServer gives you a free SSL Certificate.

Easy WordPress Installer

There is a WordPress installer included in every package.

Automatic Updates

Any update for WordPress will policy automatically.

Use any Plugin

You can use any plugin for WordPress


99.95% of Promising Uptime Provision

The uptime provided by InterServer is very decent.

0.16s of the Absolute Best Response Time

We count the speed of InterServer as the industry best.


Whenever we open the official page of a website, we see special discounts being offered on that particular day or during that period. Only $2.95 now, formerly $9.95! These pricing tricks are the industry standard. One gets tired and sick of these traps that all the big names in the industry are throwing. InterServer has eradicated that problem and introduced transparency by introducing this feature called price lock. It fixes the price where it is, guaranteeing zero fluctuation from that standard during your term of usage.

Free CDN, SSL, SSH, and SFTP

InterServer gives you many features for free, including SSL Certificate, SSH, Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, and SFTP.

Free Site Migration

Site migrations with InterServer are always free of cost, and the team of InterServer experts itself supervises them. That team will recover any hacked accounts during movement and remove malware.

Unlimited Disk Space

Most web hosts put limits like 10 GB maximum on disk space while InterServer gives you unlimited disk space in all its packages.

Unlimited Email Accounts and FTP Accounts

There is no limit to the number of email accounts and FTP accounts you can have with InterServer.

Transparent Pricing

The pricing provided by InterServer is very open, and even the renewal rates are listed straightforwardly. There are no upsells.  

30-day Money-back Guarantee

InterServer also gives you a refund within the first 30 days of usage if you are dissatisfied with their services.


  • Backend Struggles with too much traffic
  • Only one shared hosting plan offered


Overall, this web host is highly recommended for the revolutionary speeds that it has introduced in the world of web hosting. The uptime provisions are excellent, and we enjoyed a lot of free and unlimited features, even on the standard shared plan. The only problem is that if your site has too much traffic, the cheapest policy might not work, so you’d better go for a pro plan.

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