InterServer VPS Review

InterServer is a privately owned and independent company in the world of conglomerates like the Endurance International Group that owns half the web hosts out there. We’ll give you an in-depth review of their VPS hosting service based on our experience with them.

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InterServer: Brief Introduction and History

InterServer came into being in 1999. It is the result of the efforts of two teenage techs savvies who were disappointed with the web hosting services they were using and set out to produce a better solution themselves. They invested all their energies and tried to shape a web hosting service that put the customers first and profits second. As a result, InterServer is one of the best web hosts available out there. It had a humble beginning as those two teenage boys bought themselves a reseller package, but it is flourishing today. It is not counted in the big names of the industry, because older web hosts dominate that field with more resources and shareholders. Even then, the services provided by InterServer are pretty decent, and their packages stack up well against their competitors.

InterServer provides Cloud VPS hosting – which means that your website is hosted in a Linux cloud if you use their VPS services. It is general knowledge in the world of tech and webspace that cloud is the most efficient hosting technology available at the moment. InterServer is a very convenient and quick tool that offers cheap Cloud VPS hosting with adequate supplies. Their prices are around the most affordable ones provided in the industry. They have an exciting way of giving you a VPS hosting package, and they give you this screen where you can go on increasing CPU cores till they suit your needs, and they go on adding 6 dollars for each center. If you add over four cores, you can avail of managed VPS hosting where you don’t have to worry about anything at all. It gives you peace of mind and an excellent experience for your users.

99.98% of Solid Uptime Average in VPS Hosting

Uptime provided by a VPS is critical because VPS hosting is chosen over standard web hosting solely for improved functionality – more excellent uptime, enhanced speed, and increased flexibility. We have always emphasized that uptime is the most important thing to consider when it comes to a web host because it refers to the actual time during which your website is online and available to the visitors. Speed and efficiency are of secondary importance because your visitors have to receive a response from your site in the first place, for it to be called quick or slow, efficient, or lagging.

If the uptime provided by your website is not excellent, (less than 99.95% means around an hour of downtime every month, drastically reducing your traffic, sales, conversions, and so on) then your visitors will see a “page not found” error when they try to access your page during the time it is down or unavailable, and there will be a massive chance of users abandoning your site entirely and moving on to your competitors. Uptime is something that solely depends on the web host and its servers, so you have to choose a web host wisely when deciding on a company to rent web space from. The importance of this factor is why we recommend going for the web hosts, which have an uptime average higher than 99.94% at the least. Most web hosting companies do give you an uptime higher than 99.90%; few give you an uptime higher than 99.94%, which is essential for the basic running of a good website.

InterServer offers a 99.90% uptime guarantee to all its users, excluding the downtime caused by scheduled server maintenance sessions. We weren’t expecting a lot when we signed up because there are hardly any big claims on the website, but things turned out way better. We enjoyed a solid 99.98% average for 14 months. Hence, the uptime provision of InterServer brings it near the top of the list of web hosts with maximum uptime. So, with InterServer VPS, you don’t have to worry about any significant downtime as your website stays online for 99.98% of the time, and it is always available to your users. InterServer uses the best technology in its servers to provide you with an excellent VPS hosting experience. Reliable and fast servers keep your website online all the time. InterServer uses expensive and efficient components in its servers.

Unbeatable Response Time – 0.16 Seconds

Though the uptime average surprised us, the page load times, response times, and TTFB beguiled us even more. The speed provided by InterServer is the absolute best among all the web hosts that we have tried and reviewed. Those teenage founders did an outstanding job of optimizing the technology of the world of hosting. Even the biggest hosts can’t go anywhere near the speed average provided by InterServer that lies around 0.16 seconds in terms of response time. Even in web hosting, InterServer has a stupendous percentage – VPS is even better. Therefore, you will have exceedingly fast page load speeds if you choose the VPS provided by InterServer

Rate is the second most crucial factor to consider while choosing a VPS hosting because having excellent uptime means that your webpage will load at a user’s prompt, it doesn’t mean that it will load quickly enough to please your visitor or stop him from abandoning it. So, not only does your website have to respond to a user’s request, it has to load whatever your visitor needs, quickly. Speed is another factor that a web host can significantly influence because theirs are the servers that you’re counting on, to produce the file that your user has put in a request for, and to load it for them to see. There have been multiple studies and reviews concerning the effects of loading speeds on the behavior of users, visitors, or buyers. Here’s an account of the results obtained from such a survey:

  • Slow-loading websites cost the U.S. eCommerce market more than $500 billion annually
  • A one-second delay in site-loading will result in a 7% loss in conversions
  • 51% of U.S. online shoppers say slow site-load times are the number one reason they leave a product purchase
  • Decreasing page loading time from 8 to 2 seconds can boost conversion rates by up to 74%

It is clear from the facts mentioned above that speed is the prime factor that builds or destroys the reputation of your website and attracts people to it. It is the era of speedy technology and mobile. People are continually moving up on the ladder of speed, looking for the quickest way to get a job done, and it won’t help your website to be lacking efficiency when convenience is the thing that is most prioritized and prized by your visitors and competitors.

VPS Plans Offered by InterServer

InterServer has some exciting features listed for VPS hosting. Here are details of all the features that InterServer offers for its Cloud VPS hosting on its official website.

A Reliable & Affordable Hosting Option offers one of the most affordable VPS plans in the market on which you can trust without giving yourself a second thought. With our VPS hosting, you can customize the resources according to your needs.

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

We don’t put any limit when it comes to accessing or updating your data and service. You are free to access your files, folders, databases, and other resources anywhere from around the world whenever you want.

Get a Full Control

You will get full control over your site. You can decide what you want on your Cloud VPS server. We give you root access with our hosting that lets you install the control panel and operating system without taking permission from us.

Lighting Fast Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most basic but powerful features that you will get instantly with your Cloud VPS hosting package. A fast loading website ensures that your competitors are not able to snatch your potential customers.

Dedicated Resources

To ensure you will get a benefit of every single penny you pay to us, we let you choose and customize resources on VPS cloud, i.e., CPU cores, memory, storage, transfer, etc. You need to pay for the resources you want to consume.

Better Collaboration

As your website data is stored at one place on the cloud, it will be super-efficient for team members located at a different place to access the files and other data to make necessary updates.

Self-Healing Hardware

Our cloud VPS comes with self-healing hardware. Sounds, odd? Let us explain. Say your site is hosted on our USA server. In case there is some glitch on the hardware system, then instead of affecting your website performance, our A.I. system will detect the problem and automatically redirects it to another node. It all happens with lightning-fast speed.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You will get a guarantee of 99.9% of uptime guarantee with our VPS hosting service. Our cloud VPS infrastructure is empowered with high-performance SSD storage that ensures flawless performance smoothly.

Dedicated Backup Solution

When you host your site with us, it is our responsibility to keep your data secure on our server. With InterServer‘s cloud VPS hosting, you will get a backup feature that you can use to recover your accidentally deleted data instantly.

High-Performance Storage

20x faster than standard SATA drives, Interserver uses high-performance SSD storage. Data consistency and redundancy is maintained by Raid level 10 storage arrays. Raid provides optimal performance and redundancy to meet the needs of all critical workloads.

Cheap VPS hosting

The most affordable way to run a virtual private server is available here. You can save hundreds of dollars per month when you compare the low cost of VPS with a dedicated server. Or even save thousands of dollars of upfront hardware costs and countless hours of provisioning and maintaining. VPS is the ultimate solution for a cost-effective and balanced solution to deploying your applications.

Managed Support (4+ Slices)

InterServer offers managed support when you purchase four slices or more. You can count on us to help you with security patches, diagnosing of failed services, and help with control panel issues. To take advantage of our support services, we highly recommend using a control panel such as cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin. Get additional information on our managed support services.

Deploy 100s of Apps

Deploy your VPS with a powerful control panel available for free. Then instantly provision 100s of the most popular web applications. Take your development goals to the next level by adding services such as Apache, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Java, and Node.JS. Instantly deploy database with MySQL, MongoDb, and MariaDB. Along with additional modules such as Memcache and Varnish.

Geographic Diversity

InterServer can be deployed from the West Coast or East Coast data centers. Using your services from a location that is closer to you will reduce latency. Low latency service is essential in some platforms, such as stock trading. Or deploy in both areas to build redundancy into the service you are implementing.

Easy Provisioning

Quickly deploy VPS instances inside our control panel. Choose from any of the most popular operating system flavors. Windows VPS is also available on our Hyper-V or KVM platform. Move on to selecting the amount of power you need by increasing the number of slices. And finally, select any additional options such as the control panel you would like installed.

Pros of InterServer VPS

  • 98% Uptime
  • Hosted in Linux Cloud
  • 16 seconds of unbeatable response time
  • Price-lock feature
  • Free CDN, SSL, SSH, and SFTP
  • Transparent and affordable prices
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Cons of InterServer VPS

  • None worth mentioning

Mark’s Verdict

Overall, this VPS host is highly recommended for the revolutionary speeds that it has introduced in the world of web hosting. The uptime provisions are excellent, and we enjoyed a lot of free and unlimited features, even on the standard shared plan in web hosting. It hosts websites in the cloud and has stacked all the ideal features.

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