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InMotion Hosting

One of the biggest problems in my blogging career has always been choosing the right hosting for my website. I have been in the blogging industry for a while and therefore I wanted to share with you my personal experiences with hosting companies.

Today, I will give you a deep and thorough Review of InMotion Hosting to let you have an idea and be well aware of what are the pros and cons of it.

I was looking for best hosting services and came across InMotion Hosting. I had set up a default WordPress installation and paid for InMotion Shared Hosting Plan. During my experience with them I had to go through many things and gained considerable insights. I noticed their performance by basic response time and several other features of their services.

Read this thorough review and decide for yourself if it is the best plan and service for your site.

An Introduction to Inmotion Hosting

First of all you need to know that most of the hosting services are owned by big companies like GoDaddy. This makes the hosting a dependent service which is not often a desirable trait. But that is not the case with InMotion Hosting services as they operate independently and this makes them stand out.

InMotion hosting services are the largest independent hosting services providers.

But this does not stop there, as they have always sought perfection in the pursuit of services by advancing their infrastructure with technology. This makes them one of the top choices for most of Geeks in blogging.

But to decide whether they provide the best services we will consider each of the different desirable feature people consider while going for purchasing a particular hosting service.

Inmotion Hosting Pricing and Plans

This is a quick snap of Inmotion Hosting Pricing and Plans

They have different categories

·         WordPress Hosting

·         VPS Hosting

·         Dedicated Servers

·         Business Hosting

Based on your need, you can check out these plans and decide for yourself. But I want you to read the cons section of this article as there is some really important information you must have before you buy any plan.

Also, its WordPress Hosting Plan and Shared Hosting plans are almost similar except that it is tailored for WordPress. 

1. 99.95% Uptime - A decisive Factor

Uptime refers to the time limit your website stays online, accessible and within the reach of people. Uptime is the essence of hosting and real decisive factor that defines the quality of service.

InMotion Hosting Services claims to provide 99.99% uptime and supports their claim with free hosting for Business Plan.

While availing their service I noticed keenly the uptime they had promised. The only way you can confirm whether your site is down and check uptime is to contact the support team.

I also reached some of my colleagues who were using InMotion services, and we got some results which I would like to list in the following way;

 Uptime in different months:

February = 99.91%

March = 99.97%

April = 99.98%

May = 99.95%

June = 99.92%

Average Uptime: 99.9 %

So, we can conclude that uptime of InMotion Hosting Service is pretty close to the claimed and advertised value. 

2. Speed - A Considerable Parameter

Next in the list of considerable features is the speed. Speed is a special measure for classifying web hosting service providers.

We are all in a hurry! We want speed in every domain of life and this is also the case with websites. The faster a website loads the better its speed. This also elevates its ranking in the search engine.

The speed metrics might not impress you, but it does not mean they are bad at all.

Max Speed Zone TM ­is a product of InMotion that claims to deliver an equal loading speed at anywhere in the world. 

Tested site results from Islamabad, Dhaka, Rome and Boston unfortunately weren’t satisfactory. Farther the distance from Los Angeles slower the speed result.

Besides all this InMotion performed well under stress. Its hosting machine can handle the abuse of multiple virtual users. This proves its solid back-end support and ensures provision of the content to an increasing number of visitors without any interruptions. Some hosting services might have an astonishing response time but do not perform well under stressed conditions. 

So I must say that if your website has the potential to drive a reasonable number of visitors, InMotion Hosting would be one of the top US based services.

Response time Average – 2019

0.45s in the month of January

Full Loading – 2019


Response under Stress – 2019


3. Support and Knowledge Base

 Support plays a vital role in every business. There is almost no compromise on customer care by every big service provider. When it comes to web hosting, InMotion claims to provide the best support service.

This can be proven by one of its customer friendly feature of Free Skype calls

Inmotion Customer Care

Apart from that they have different routes for contact and special problem solving solutions. Below are some of the most useful routes and are almost all of the time needed in troubleshooting.

They help their clients by:

·         Product Guide Tab

·         Emails Support

·         Website tutorials 

 ·         Education Channels

·         YouTube Channel

·         Community Support 

When I had to confirm my uptime, I was in contact with tech support agent. He checked whether my site really went down and in this way I negotiated all my insecurities. This is when I came to know that they have Pro Plan SLA.  

So, to put it simply my experience with tech support team was fruitful and pleasant as it provided me an equal opportunity to confirm my reservations.

Now in the next part of “Inmotion Hosting Review” I am going to tell you about all the pros and cons of their service.

Pros and Cons of Inmotion Hosting

Every Hosting Service has some unique selling points that make them better than others and this is how they survive in the market.


Let’s first discuss Pros – “Inmotion Hosting”


Inmotion offers Hassle-Free Migration for up to 3 sites. You can do it yourself otherwise Inmotion Hosting Support Team offers you free of charge migration service as well.

It works by moving the cPanel account for free. Free migrations have an undeniable role as both the originating and receiving server might not necessarily align and this must be administered to avoid any misbehavior of the site.

This problem must be administered by an expert team and Inmotion support team has all it takes.

2. BoldGrid Site Builder

BoldGrid is a powerful website builder developed by Inmotion Hosting. It is used for the development of almost all sorts of sites. Inmotion hosting offers it in all hosting plans and is included in the hosting tools.

BoldGrid offers a stack of templates for those who are not comfortable with code. With this stack one can avoid extra code needed and also preserve the site speed and performance.

I would suggest BoldGrid as a tool for site building to avoid other difficulties and work in a self-hosted environment

BoldGrid Site Builder

3. WordPress Host

Inmotion setup server is fine tuned to work in close coordination with wordpress. WordPress support team through their experts help with very professional services and manages advanced level configurations.

Now if you are intending to use WordPress and a shared hosting plan can help you financially. This keeps you at a technical advantage as well.

After you have made a growth and a much wider reach, you can then consider dedicated wordpress package. 

4. Excellent Back Up

You might be familiar with the idea that all hosting companies provide free hosting plan. But it is very likely that they are not in a daily package. 

Inmotion offers an automatic backup and easy to use back up tool aligned with your cPanel to work efficiently.

Inmotion also provide a step by step tutorial on how to use it. So, when it becomes a routine task, this makes it easier for you to handle all your data.

5. Much Better Plan

Shared hosting plan provide unlimited email accounts, storage and bandwidth. But there can be issues when excessively used as system administrators may revoke an action and that is also stated by terms and conditions in each case.

It limits you rather by number of files rather than disk size and so every shared hosting can have a maximum of 50,000 files.

But here is the thing, Inmotion shared hosting has the capability to handle 700 – 900 page views / hour. That figure multiplies to a total of 400,000 views per month, now you can consider the wonders.

So we can conclude that although you may still have to face file limitation but overall the pan is much better.

6. A Bunch of Free Apps

When you consider free apps for your personal optimization, you definitely need a variety. More options can have a greater potential to handle things in a better way. When you look around, you will find a number of top hosting providers having packages of an average number of 100 applications.

Inmotion goes far beyond by providing a huge installation package of 400 installations. This is quite a big number.

PostgreSQL and MySQL are the most prominent databases for complex applications. Also favoring the e-commerce hub, Inmotion allows the use of free SSL in all of its plans.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

Every service have some downsides and therefore we have to accept that Inmotion hosting although is a great service, but it does not mean it is perfect. In fact, no hosting service is all perfect. You will see many people complaining about the unfavorable conditions they had with Inmotion hosting service. There are always some issues in every hosting but you have to decide which one of them can you handle and keep things going.

Here I enlist some of the popular and widely criticized disadvantages of Inmotion hosting that you may have to deal with:

1. 24 Month Sign Up Trick

Low pricing always attracts clients when it comes to regular use of a service. But this low price is allocated to you only if you buy their package for 24 months and this is the only way you can avail it.

The advertised pricing attracts people and they do not have that idea in mind; mostly in the case of newbies. This advertisement misleads them when they go for 12 month plan and then they have to pay higher charges. 

2. Inconvenient Verification Process

For a highly secure service, Inmotion Hosting takes you through an inconvenient verification process. This is often appreciated by those people seeking a much secure service.

They verify all of their new customers through a phone call. This puts you at a wait as you cannot have instant access to your account after sign up. 

They might even ask you for an ID card picture

3. Limitations

Like all other hosting services that limits you in certain ways, Inmotion hosting also has certain limitations for you:

Inmotion service will allow you a limited range of databases and websites to run on your account.

Although Inmotion provides free back up and site restoration, but if your site exceeds 10GB then it won’t be backed up. 


Now when you have gone through Inmotion Hosting Review, you must have a fair idea of Inmotion Hosting Services.

But I would conclude it in general with my personal view about Inmotion Hosting. My journey with Inmotion Hosting was not bad I would say. Overall I have been happy with Speed, Uptime and most Importantly Customer Support.

If you want to learn more about Inmotion, you can have a practical experience with them by going to 

We would love to hear from you. You are more than welcome to share your views or personal experience with us! 

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