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HOSTWINDS has been a renowned web hosting industry around the globe which offers one of the most decent hosting services include 99.999% Uptime and excellent customer support. They provide many web hosting service like WordPress hosting shared hosting a dedicated server, but VPS hosting is one of the most reliable and customer favourite web hosting services.VPS hosting is very beneficial with HOSTWIND as your VPS provider because HOSWIND is very convenient and efficient web host provider in the market. Moreover, it also provides ultimate VPS hosting packages based on the amount of resource.HOSTWIND has become the first choice of everyone because The prices are reasonable; there are a lot of features they stack even in the cheapest plan, and we have been receiving excellent and comprehensive customer support. Hostwinds VPS also has a knowledge base in which you can find the solution for all the common problems!


HOSTWIND came into being in 21st October 2010  founded by Peter Holden. They are well known for their reliable hosting performance excellent customer support and a broad range of service. Web hosting is growing business these days; people need hosting platforms to do their online business. Hostwind rose to fame quickly because company strat providing services like cloud dedicated server reseller and  VPS. The company has grown a lot over the years because they offer excellent VPS hosting services which is the reason for its success in the web hosting market. HOSTWIND VPS claim to serve their users in the best way possible, and that is the thing that sets them apart.

Moreover, they also give a perfect uptime guarantee which is unbeatable. It has an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hostwind has data centres in Dallas texas and Seattle Washington. For a web hosting company, nine-year is a brief period to have grown this much. The company serves thousands of customer, and its primary office is in Tulsa.

Hostwind VPS is an excellent web hosting service that’s easy to use and offer. An array of useful plans for consumers and small business. Having grown so much in this short amount of time not once has Hostwinds let go of quality. The primary purpose of the emergence of this company was to provide a low-cost solution to local website owners. They have always offered good quality for the amount they charge. That’s why HOSWIND VPS is one of the most demanding hosting services with good fame and little criticism record. Company VPS services have significantly upgraded in recent years that make HOSTWIND a notable competitor for the companies providing VPS services.


Uptime refers to the time on which your website stays online or available to clients across the world. It depends on the servers that you are currently using for your website server that using from different web hosting sites You have to choose your hosting services wisely, that based on the amount of uptime gives for your website. It is a significant fact that no web hosting delivers  100% uptime – not even Facebook or Twitter. Many issue cause downtime, no matter how much money you pay for hosting. Many web hostings offer different uptime ranges. It is the average to a provision that experienced. But they provide the running time guarantee to grow your business in a competitive market.

Hostwinds VPS provide many distinction offering of a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, which reduces the rate for any downtime. Due to server maintenance sessions, revise much time to check the performance, as in the case with Hostwind VPS. When you visit Hostwinds VPS hosting, everybody has some doubts in their minds regarding the excellent uptime guarantee and expecting a reasonable running time of a website. However, they provide perfect uptime and adequately compensated whenever site suffered any considerable downtime.


HostWinds VPS provide payback guarantee for their users. If users don’t satisfy with given facilities provided by the company regarding the uptime guarantee, then get back refund by providing payback to gain client trust to stand out in a competitive market. The uptime guarantee is an essential part of hosting provider to keep users website up and accessible for visitors. If you don’t get the 99.9% uptime for your website hosting, then you will get a refund. By choosing this service, you never regret to get your website online with 24/7 support.


Need to compare with others while choosing web hosting plans. It helps clients to decide to select the best one in all. In my opinion, I always consider the Hostwind  VPS that delivers the best uptime services than compare with others. They offer you the maximum running time guarantee with a percentage of 99.9% that is necessary need to enhance your business. These lines have written on the official website of Hostwinds VPS that they deliver worldwide services to their clients to enjoy the hosting. And offer the best uptime from others.

Let’s see the comparison, Liquid Web VPS hosting provide the uptime guarantee of the percentage of 99.95% and Bluehost VPS provide 99.98% but Hostwinds VPS offer to their clients with the uptime of 99.999%. Although, many hosting providers are still using old systems that considerably slow while they offer running time guarantee that grow your business in a competitive market. Some reasons for the downtime of a site that affect the numbers of visitors but they provide minimum downtime.


Firstly, you need to understand the concept of response time and how it is necessary while choosing VPS hosting services. Response time is the time that requires to load the web pages.  In this era of speed, nobody is going to wait a few seconds for your webpages to load. Google states that as the time for page loading exceeds 6 seconds, the chances of a bouncing exceed 100%. It means that there is a high chance of users abandoning your site if your web host doesn’t provide you with enough speed. I always recommend going for web hosts that offer enough speed. They have to produce the file that your user has requested and load it for them to see. There have been multiple studies and reviews concerning the effects of loading speeds on the behaviour of users, visitors, or buyers.

People want to see the fast working of the website without wasting their time. The rate provided by a web hosting measures according to several standards like time to load the first byte. Time to load a webpage called page load time. And the time that a server takes to respond called the response time. Unfortunately, Hostwinds VPS is one of the best in this regard. Many clients use many hosting services, and they know which response times count as the best and which ones are the worst. Hostwinds  VPS fall into the category of web hosts providing an average response time, neither too good nor too bad. The average speed is why we count it as a con later on.


Since response time is significant to look on, delivered by the other top web hosting companies have their own response time that load website page and draws its reputation. In contrast, Hostwinds VPS offers you quick response rate that takes less time to load the pages a. It is far better than Liquid Web VPS having maximum response rate. It is a fast service, and they provide the performance and straightforward interface as compare to other hosting services. Now it is seen that Hostwinds VPS offer services that are excellent choice to get the speed of loading pages of a website with paying the cheap amount when compared with others.


The hosting plans provided by Hostwinds  VPS offer excellent value for the money you spend. I have used their services for a while. I consider their pricing one of the best in the industry and deliver a lot of free features in every hosting plan. Hostwinds is one of the companies that provide complete hosting services like limitless databases, bandwidth, and subdomains in its programs. It does not mean that the benefits are, in fact, universal. It means that the limitations are so extensive that no regular customer can reach them.



Some features listed below.


Hostwinds VPS provides you with many features, including unlimited subdomains. It is an excellent thing that you will never regret to choose its services.


They give you a unique dedicated IP address for all your sites, and that is the best one thing by company. It is another plus point to access your all site with only one IP address.


SSL Certificate uses to encrypts the transaction and data on your site and make it trustworthy for search engine and also boost your SEO ranking. You get free SSL Certificate by using HostWinds VPS.


A website builder is another essential feature that you can get from a web host, especially if you’re a beginner. Many other web hosts charge you for it, but they don’t.


You get the unlimited email accounts with Hostwinds VPS hosting. So no need to worry about emails by choosing them.


Here is the listed feature that provides by Hostwind VPS to grow your online business.

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificates


By choosing this plan, you will get these features that are awesome for your website, including RAM and SSD.

  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificates


It is the pro plan to choose to have multiple features with 4 GB RAM for loading your website and maximum SSD space.

  • 2 CPU Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 75 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificates


To choose Hostwinds VPS for your website you will get these pro features with the ultra pro plan. Here are the listed and you can compare it with other packages.

  • 2 CPU Core
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 2 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSL Certificates



HOSTWINDS VPS provides many benefits to host your website. Let’s check out the pros that make Hostwind VPS hosting a popular choice:

Reliability of Hostwinds

Hostwind VPS web host is the assurance that your site is going to be online when you need it (virtually always). That assurance as an uptime guarantee because the web hosting service has to compensate in some form if uptime falls below that limit. That is why most web host provider doesn’t offer a guaranteed time bigger than 99.90% uptime. However, Hoswind VPS stands out with its 99.999% uptime guarantee because it allows only 0.001% downtime, which would be no more than a minute in one month.

SSD drive storage

Hostwind  VPS Hosting has server use SSD drives instead of an old hard drive.SSD drives are one of the fastest hard drives, which makes your website load even faster. The most hosting provider don’t offer SSD storage and some charge extra for it.

Cpanel  Interface of Hostwinds VPS

The latest Cpanel interface in the industry is the most efficient one, and many hosts boast about it on their website. So does Hostwind VPS as they offer this latest and most userfriendly control panel that people have been using for a long time and have come to like.

Unlimited Bandwidth

A bandwidth that your web host provides you is also a significant factor. With Hostwind VPS there is no limit to the amount of traffic your site can harbour if your use Hostwind.

Great Customer Support by Hostwinds VPS

They provide excellent customer support on a multilingual basis so that you don’t get left out due to a language barrier either. They offer you a quick and easy option of live chat with their experts who provide you with detailed and easily workable solutions off hand. The customer support provided by Hostwind VPS is exemplary since they offer guides answer and information manuals on their official website too.

Unlimited Database of Hostwinds

A web host that gives you unlimited databases will put very high limits on the databases they give you so that you don’t run out of resources at any point.

Free SSL Certificate

Hostwinds VPS also gives you free SSL to back you up. An SSL Certificate encrypts the transactions and data on your site and makes it trustable for search engines like Google, boosting your SEO ranking.

Nightly backup

By using Hostwind VPS service, you get the backup of data daily, and it is an easy way to perform this procedure. You never lose your data.

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High renewal rate

As compared to other Web hosting provider, Hostwind VPS charged high fees for their renewal. Because many hosting companies, after growing years, might increase their renewal prices and Hostwinds is one of them. They are a top web host provider these days, so that is why they charge higher renewal prices than others.

No refund Policy of Hostwinds VPS

Host wind VPS has no refund policy mentioned on their official website, and hence, we did not have that option.


Hostwinds VPS is a hosting service with high affordability in the first year and good value for the prices but some major cons like high renewal rates – the industry standard.
The company has no refund policy mentioned on their official website, and hence, we did not have that option. Moreover, Hostwind VPS has an average browsing speed. My experience with this web host has been an average one – neither too outstanding nor too bad. I have been using this web host and its services for over a year. They provide reasonable prices packages; there are a lot of features they stack even in the cheapest plan, and we have been receiving excellent and comprehensive customer support. However, the renewal rates and speed are a bit of concern. The company started as a low-cost solution for the problems of website owners, and that is best what it is — an affordable solution for those who want good quality at low prices. There are no upsells except the one about speed. Hostwinds VPS has a clean record in terms of uptime, which is a significant plus. They provide many things like SSL Certificates, site migrations, and domain names for free. The plans are simple and easy to understand, unlike the complex lists of features meant to overwhelm the customers. This service recommended on its excellent pricing and 99.9999% uptime guarantee, which sets it apart from the rest of the web hosts. All the essential features that it offers you for a price way lower than the industry standards. HOSTWIND VPS  does not fail to provide you with the best services at any front I recommend you in terms of their reasonable pricing, but the speed is a bit concerning

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