HostGator founded back in 2002 inside a dorm by a student at Florida Atlantic University. Since then, HostGator has been rapidly gaining fame and now has grown into a leading Hosting Provider Company. Some of Its products include Shared, Reseller, VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting. Today HostGator has three, Headquarters in Houston, Austin & Texas with several international centers around the Globe.

Let me take you back to 2002 when the name HostGator decided. The founder Brent Oxley was confused but ultimately chose to go with HostGator because it was easy to pronounce and write. In 2003 February, the company got its first 100 customers, amazingly on the same date after one year. HostGator had a customer count of more than 1000 customers.

In 2006 HostGator opened its first international office in Toronto. The space for its employees outgrows it. They decided to move from Toronto to Houston & Texas. They Equally divided their employees into a new 25000 square feet offices. And ever since HostGator has remained the same.

In 2009 HostGator user count raised to 200,000 customers. Gaining more customers attracted a lot of attention and created new paths for the company to follow and having the space in Houston & Texas office Outgrown. The company decided to build a new headquarters in Austin in 2010. Looking at the west, HostGator launched its new office in 100,000 Square Feet Building, which increased its Employee count to 500 in February 2011. In the same year, they attended their 5,000,000th LiveChat.

In 2012 it was announced by the founder of HostGator, That Endurance International Group is acquiring them. In 2014 HostGator stretched its feet by providing Multi-Language options to supporting its customers in China & Russia. In 2015 HostGator launched its WordPress management solution. Today in 2020, HostGator is one of the top listed hosting Companies around the Globe.


Uptime of any server is crucial. When Purchasing any service from your average hosting company, I keep a keen eye on the company’s Uptime. Cause if any customer visiting the Website is not able to open his/her desired Website. They leave without hesitation. Let us Look at some of the Data collected by our team of experts. In the past eight months of testing, their Hosting gave me a downtime of a total of 10 mins. Outages counted to two. Resulting in the Uptime in 99.996%, I mean that is excellent. Type of reliability any client should look at when you need a dedicated server for your Website or multiple clients.

According to Hostgator Terms and Conditions If they fail to provide their promised Uptime. By default, you will be getting a free month on your plan. However, this feature is only for Shared and Reseller hosting. On their Term & Conditions, they say that Network Guarantee is not related to their Uptime. I mean, yes! It shouldn’t be.

VPS and Dedicated Services Falling under the Network Guarantee domain. In which the credit prorated for the Downtime of the server. Plus, their server maintenance does not count as Downtime of any sort. In case the Website or any other service does not work at the moment does not mean that there is Downtime. HostGator Guarantee met.


The most important sign of quality is Speed. When you buy a Server, you put in high-performance hardware in it, so it is speedy. At HostGator, their teams of highly trained professionals take care of that for you.
HostGator keeps a keen eye on Speed because a Faster website gives off a better user experience. And SEO is better.

As a matter of fact, according to an expert study, a 1-second delay might cost your 7% of conversions — 15 % fewer views and 20% decrease in user satisfaction.

HostGator said the heavier your website is, the more difficult it will be to open the website. But this is not an issue from the client’s side. So HostGator provides you the customer with the multiple options of choosing from SSD or HDD both High-Performance options. I mean, every single server comes with this.

HostGator Dedicated Servers performed. Excellent! With an overall speed reach of just 37ms in the United States.


There are Three Dedicated Server Solutions, all of which are ultra-high-performance and has a high number of features.


HostGator Value Server Plans Includes the following features.

  • CPU: Intel Xeon-D CPU 4 Core/ 8 Threads
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3
  • Storage: 1 TB Standard Drive
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited Traffic
  • OS: Linux or Windows
  • Price: $118.99 Per Month*


HostGator Power Server Plans Includes the following features.

  • CPU: Intel Xeon-D CPU 8 Core/ 16 Threads
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 2 TB Standard Drive & 512 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited Traffic
  • OS: Linux or Windows
  • Price: $138.99 Per Month*


HostGator Enterprise Server Plans Includes the following features.

  • CPU: Intel Xeon-D CPU 8 Core/ 16 Threads
  • RAM: 30 GB
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited Traffic
  • OS: Linux or Windows
  • Price: $148.98 Per Month*


There are two types of Dedicated Servers Service at HostGator. One is Semi-Managed, and the other Fully Managed by the HostGator team of Experts. Both the classes have a lot in stock, but when it comes down to technical problems, and you are not some techie, you should go for Fully Managed Server types; however, if you have a team of experts, then you should choose Semi-Managed.

As shown in the above figure, All the details you need to know about Semi & Fully Managed Systems by HostGator.


Looking for a server for your needs can be hard, And choosing one with great options is even harder. HostGator provides two types of OS based dedicated Servers. Both With Different Options and excellent compatibility. Windows & Linux, I use both of them, and they both have their Pros & Cons. But I will make life easier for you! Let me explain what you will get in both of the Servers.

What will you get by reading this feature list is knowledge. What you need, and what sort of technologies are you going to work on or with.


HostGator Linux Server Provides the following Features.

  • Full Control of the Server.
  • Root Access.
  • Advanced Software Support.
  • Customization & High-Level Configurations.
  • Custom Softwares like Ventrilo & FFmpeg.
  • Use it as hosting or Host Others for Business.
  • A Perfect Solution for up to 500 Companies.
  • Excellent E-Commerce Support.
  • Enterprise, Power & Value Packed as One.
  • Excellent Choice for WordPress & other CMS.
  • Unlimited C-Panels & WHM’s Support.
  • Single Root User.
  • Root for WHM.
  • Unlimited IP’s and SSL’s.
  • Private name Server.
  • Branding Options on C-Panel & WHM.
  • LAMP Support.
  • 100% Resource Usage.
  • Unlimited Processes.
  • Stream Live Audio & Video Support.
  • No Limit on Outgoing Emails.
  • No POP/IMAP limitations.
  • No Backups by HostGator.
  • Plan your automated backup.
  • Normal Shell Acess.
  • Root SSH.


HostGator Windows Server Provides the following Features.

  • Full Management Control.
  • Administrator Rights & Access.
  • Advanced Software Support.
  • Unlimited Customization Option.
  • Use as Basic Hosting or Earn from it.
  • Excellent for companies with heavy traffic loads.
  • Great Option for Branded E-Commerce Stores.
  • Professional, Powerhouse with Value.
  • Prefect ASP.Net Solution.
  • Infinite IP’s Addresses & SSL Certificates.
  • Name your Server according to your needs.
  • Plesk Branding options.
  • 100% guarantee resource usage.
  • Unlimited heavy processes.
  • Live Audio & Video Streaming Support.
  • Unlimited Outgoing Email.
  • IMAP & POP3 limitless. 
  • No Backups by HostGator.
  • Schedule your automated backups accordingly.
  • Remote Desktop Access (RDP) 



Here are some Pros that should help you get a brief idea of what you are looking at when buying a HostGator Dedicated Server.


The price of any service plays a significant role. You are bound to think that there must be a different option. Perhaps a Cheaper option But Cheap Services are always great; Not all Shiny things are Gold. HostGator takes to a higher step of compatibility and speed mixed as one. Comparing the prices, we have other hosting company’s Dedicated Servers. Sure HostGator is a much steeper option to go. But when you compare the services and features, HostGator is providing you. You will think otherwise.

Throughout my years of experience of testing and buying Servers, Hostings, or any web service, I had never seen a hosting company that delivers what they promise. When I purchased from HostGator, I thought the same old would happen. Suddenly there was a blast of features when I bought my services. Please don’t believe that talking about there services makes a lot of difference when you don’t have the budget for it. But It gave a lot of pleasure using such an excellent Hosting Company.


Hosting company support is very crucial. Most of the time, a company is rated based on its support level. Expert-level support is always a Pro for any premium hosting company. There was a time when my team of experts got stuck while testing HostGator Dedicated Server when I tried to reach out to HostGator Techincal Team, Boy! I was amazed by the way they worked my problems out. Their team helped me out in just a matter of hours on the things my group got stuck on for days. In my opinion, this experience was one of the most excellent services I have seen so far.

HostGator promises Worldclass support to its users. Their number one service on my list is a live server monitoring, which performed for every single of their customer daily. Additionally, their Live Chat & Techincal Team is of the charts. All of their servers hosted in a US-based Tier 3 DataCenter. And there is a 500 plus video database that is accessible to their customers for the tutorials on how to do things. Lastly, their knowledge base provides up to 700 articles for ease of use.


HostGator offers two kinds of control panels for you and your clients. However, you will have to choose from one of two, C-Panel or Plesk. Both come with different features are and different Pros & Cons. C-Panel is for Linux users or people who like to use Linux as their base Server OS. It is not committed to any single variant of Linux.

Plesk is something that you will get if you decide to go for Windows as the base of the Server. Again it is not committed to any single variant of Windows Server. Both choices may depend on your taste or your user experience. It is best if you choose the one you have experience.


Some of the elements HostGator Dedicated Servers have are the following.

  • 24/7 Live Expert Support
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Completely Redundancy Network


A Dedicated IP version 4 is essential for any server. It is one of many network protocols that the network follows to allow routing on the root servers. How will this benefit you? IP v4 is a fixed standard that you will need to get your clients’ SSL and other services. You will get three of these to get your things sorted.


Raid-1 Configurations are one more essentials that you need in perfect Dedicated Server. What Raid-1 does for you? It creates a mirror image of your data and Operating system so that you don’t lose any data in case of hardware failure or any downtime. HostGator gives you this feature free of charge.


DDoS is an essential security layer at every server, site, or PC must-have. This layer protects your server from the impact of distributed denial-of-service attacks. These attacks are on networks attached to the Internet. DDoS do this for protecting the host and relay the attacks elsewhere. HostGator gives you this feature Free.


Fully under control. What does that mean? You buy a server, and you can access its features, but you can’t access its Root. That is not full control? HostGator provides you with a fully controllable and manageable environment, so you don’t have to click too much for anything you want to access or change.


Server running on optimal performance! Well, that is the best feeling ever! At HostGator, you will not have to be concerned about your server getting slow or low on resources. HostGator takes care of everything for you. They have a team of experts that will solve almost every error in a matter of minutes.


Backup is the core of any hosting company. Servers without reserve are just like any other PC you use in your daily life. HostGator plays a vital role in its regular backup feature, which is precisely why? It would be best if you went to HostGator.



When Talking about Dedicated Web Hosting, what are you doing is? You will be renting out a physical server dedicated to you or your services. A dedicated server is very much faster compared to shared hosting or VPS. It is because you are not sharing your resources with anyone. Like for example, your bandwidth or storage.


Do you need a dedicated server? Well, it depends. Are you looking for Full Control? And are you looking for flexibility and security? A dedicated server will provide your clients, your users, with the most excellent experience. No bandwidth problems. No Shutters on heavy traffic. No Configurations Limits. No Shared IPs.


Can I use a Dedicated Server as a Gaming Server base? Yes! What do you think? This big games that everyone plays nowadays. Do they host them on Shared Plans? No! It is precisely why Dedicated servers were critical. A benefit of a dedicated server is that your games will be more stable compared to the game client itself.


SSD and HDD, Ah! It is one of the great mysteries of the world. HHD or Hard Disk Drive uses a disk to store data where an SSD uses Flash Storage. SSD or Solid State Drive is like a memory chip or a card that you use almost every day. SSD uses a Microchip to converse the data from one point to another, which a lot faster than your average mechanical hard drive, which stores and looks up the data from a disk.


I am sure you were waiting for this. I have good news for you there are none in my opinion! Except for one, HostGator provides Pricy domains. Which is not a part of Dedicated Server Hosting I know. But this just for your Information.


Overall, in my opinion, HostGator is excellent for any business. Or someone who is using it for everyday blogging. HostGator is one of the unique options. Whether you are choosing from hosting or a dedicated, they are excellent. I have tested almost dedicated servers, VPS, and other hosting plans. I can say with confidence that I did not make a wrong choice there. The sheer number of features I got from them was incredible. Especially If you talk about their support, these guys are excellent.

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