• 99.99% Uptime
  • 50%  Off for the first year
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Backups
  • Free Domain Name for one year
  • Free SSL, SSH, and STFP
  • Inconsistent Speed
  • Paid Migrations
  • Vague Plan Details



FastHosts comes in the rankings of the top 50 hosts that we have reviewed. Let us give you an in-depth account of the quality of its services.


FastHosts is one of the older web hosts that have been in business for over twenty years. It started providing web hosting services back in 1999. It has almost one million domains registered, which it continues to run smoothly and efficiently. It has five data centers, all in the United Kingdom. FastHosts can boast 70,000 servers. It is one of the largest web hosts in terms of market share. It is a cloud platform.


Uptime refers to the time during which your website stays online during its period of web hosting per month. Most web hosts provide you with around 99.90% of uptime per month. That still allows for hours of downtime. FastHosts, on the other hand, has a solid record of providing 99.99% of uptime to its users. We were expecting the same when we signed up for its services. It did not disappoint us at any front. It gave us an uptime guarantee covering more than most, and held on to that guarantee, not letting go of its quality.


The speed at which your website works is one of the most important things that build or destroy its reputation. It is an era of speed, in which nobody will be willing to wait a few seconds for your webpage to load. Google reports that as page load time exceeds 6 seconds, the chances of users abandoning your site for a better one exceed 100%. It is why we always recommend going for a web host that gives you above-average speeds. We enjoyed good loading speeds with FastHosts mostly, but there were times when the shared servers posed a problem, tainting the track record of FastHosts. This web host is very reliable in terms of uptime, but it lacks consistency in the loading speeds it provides to the sites that it hosts. The loading time is a bit concerning at times.


FastHosts allows you to choose from a variety of hosting options like VPS, Shared, and Dedicated Server hosting. In shared hosting, you get to choose between regular web hosting and WordPress web hosting. The WordPress web hosting starts from $1.99, while the normal one starts from $2.99.

Here are the details of the web hosting plans provided by FastHosts.

Features Included in All Plans

Under this heading, you will find complete details of all the features included for free in all the web hosting plans offered by FastHosts.

Unlimited Mail Lite Mailboxes (100 MB)

FastHosts gives you unlimited mailboxes in all its packages. Those came in handy during our experience with FastHosts. This feature is one of the things that set FastHosts apart from other web hosts. You can use these mailboxes to send and receive emails on your site.

50% Off All Packages for the First Year

FastHosts gives you a 50% discount during the first 12 months of service. We had to try the services of FastHosts, and those discounts made it easier for us to use this web hosting for a whole year.

24/7 Support

The customer support comes with all the packages, but the phone support is not toll-free. However, we had no problem connecting to a respondent on live chat when we needed assistance. The information they provided was accurate. It is a major plus that you can avail of if you sign up for FastHosts web hosting.

Unlimited Bandwidth

FastHosts throws in unlimited bandwidth in all its packages so that your site can hold a large number of visitors and handle much load.

UK Data Centers

The data centers of FastHosts web hosting are limited to the United Kingdom alone, and that is why FastHosts is very convenient for the people there and nearby. The closer you are to the data center, the faster the results you get.

Free Domain Name for one year

FastHosts also throw in a free domain name in all its web hosting packages. That domain name is valid for one year.

Unlimited Email Forwarders

There is no limit to the number of email forwarders you can use with FastHosts. No matter which plans you are on, this feature will be unlimited.

Unlimited FTP Accounts      

FastHosts also allows unlimited FTP accounts on all its packages. It is another plus.

Unlimited Subdomains

FastHosts also allows unlimited subdomains to the customers, no matter which plans they are using.

One-Click App Installer (Linux)

Linux web hosting is standard and more efficient compared to Windows. That is why it is the industry standard. FastHosts provide you with a one-click Linux app installer.

SSH (Linux)

FastHosts a free SSH to all its plans.

Custom Error Pages

FastHosts customizes all the error pages of your website for you.

Online File Manager

You can manage all your data easily by using the online file manager provided by FastHosts. It is a useful tool.

Catch-all Email

Catch-all email is another free feature provided by FastHosts to make mailing smoother for you. 

Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are the things that make your site trustworthy for search engines and make it rank higher in SEO. An SSL Certificate stops the search engine from showing an insecure connection prompt to your users as they enter data into your site, by encrypting the data. Many web hosts add an SSL Certificate to their packages for free. FastHosts offers you this in all its packages, like many other web hosts.

Server Pooling Technology

FastHosts uses server pooling technology to make sure that you don’t run out of resources. It improves the quality for you if you are on a shared server.  

Easy-to-use Control Panel

The control panel that you use to manage your website is essential. It has to be user-friendly and convenient for beginners and experts alike. FastHosts uses the traditional cPanel to ensure ease of use and management.

Raw Log File

FastHosts will also provide you with a raw log file to smoothen your way.


FastHosts gives you many databases and phpMyAdmin to manage your website.

Smart SSD Storage

The people who use SSD drives for their computers know that they have the best performance and speed things up a whole lot. FastHosts uses such SSD drives to store your data.

Intelligent Load Balancing

FastHosts uses the most cutting-edge technologies to balance the load on its servers. That helps it in distributing your data and making it accessible for your visitors.

Clustered Architecture

The clustered architecture used in the software and hardware of FastHosts makes it a very efficient web host that can quickly provide data to visitors anywhere across the globe.

Unlimited Standard Email

FastHosts is one of those web hosts that do not put any limitations on emailing as well. You can enjoy as many emails as you like.

Here are the three basic web hosting plans offered by FastHosts.


  • Onewebsite
  • 24/7tech support
  • 10GBsmart SSD storage
  • 2 x 1GBdatabases
  • BasicSEO tools
  • 5 x Mail Extra (2GB)mailboxes
  • Free domain for one year
    .com .uk .london


  • Three websites
  • 24/7tech support
  • 20GBsmart SSD storage
  • 20 x 1GBdatabases
  • AdvancedSEO tools
  • 100 x Mail Extra (2GB)mailboxes
  • Free domain for one year
    .com .uk .london


  • 100 websites
  • 24/7tech support
  • 120GBsmart SSD storage
  • 120 x 1GBdatabases
  • AdvancedSEO tools
  • 1090 x Mail Extra (2GB)mailboxes
  • Free domain for one year
    .com .uk .london


Here are all those features of FastHosts that will be beneficial for you if you sign up for this web hosting service.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Most web hosts give you just a 99.90% uptime guarantee, though the average uptime provisions of many web hosting companies exceed that limit by far. If the uptime provided by your web host recedes from that limit set by the guarantee, remember that the web host must compensate you for your loss, in one form or the other. Some web hosts add a free day of web hosting for you to make up for one hour of downtime that exceeded that limit.

FastHosts, on the other hand, give you an uptime guarantee that covers 99.99% of uptime every month. That guarantee only allows for about 9 minutes of downtime every month, before they must start compensating you for further downtime. It is the maximum amount of uptime available in the industry right now, while the average lies somewhere around 90.91%, allowing around hours of downtime each month.

Free SSL, FTP, and SSH

SSL Certificates are the things that make your site trustworthy for search engines and make it rank higher in SEO. An SSL Certificate stops the search engine from showing an insecure connection prompt to your users as they enter data into your site, by encrypting the data. Many web hosts add an SSL Certificate to their packages for free. In addition to a free SSL Certificate, FastHosts also gives you free FTP and SSH.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The bandwidth that the servers of your web host allow your site is significant for the online presence of your website. It is a vital resource provided by the web host to you. FastHosts is one of those web hosts who offer unlimited web hosting in terms of bandwidth. Having unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean that there is no limit to the bandwidth provided by your web host; it means that it has limits that are relatively hard to reach for a regular customer.

Unlimited Email Accounts

While using FastHosts web hosting, we have never had to worry about anything relating to emails. FastHosts sets no limit to the number of email accounts, forwarders, and mailboxes that it allows you.

Free Backups

The data on your website needs to be backed up because you could lose it due to a mishap. You would be at an advantage regarding that if your web host did that for you. FastHosts will create backups of your data free of cost.

Money-back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee provided by a web host is very important in case you are dissatisfied with the web hosting service when you have already paid for it. FastHosts also give you a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their services.

Free Domain Name

Many web hosts throw in a free domain name to make their packages more attractive for the customers looking for low-cost solutions to their problems. FastHosts is one of those. Like the domain names offered by other hosts, the ones provided by FastHosts are also valid only for a year.

Unlimited Subdomains

The subdomains that your web host lets you acquire can be another important factor to consider. FastHosts provides you with unlimited web hosting in this regard too.

50% Off for the First Year

FastHosts allows a 50% discount for the first year of usage to attract potential customers and makes it convenient for you to try out their services.

Ad Vouchers

FastHosts also gives you 130 euros for ad vouchers if you sign up for their web hosting service.


  • Inconsistent Speed
  • Paid Migrations
  • Vague Plan Details


Overall, my experience with FastHosts has been excellent in terms of uptime and free features. However, this web host is pricier than the others providing the same quality and amount of services. There are no Content Delivery Networks mentioned in the packages, and the official website does not give proper information. The speeds are inconsistent and mostly average. Other than these issues, the performance of FastHosts has been excellent during my experience with them. Even then, the plans provided by FastHosts may not stack up well against the ones provided by other web hosts. The uptime provision is perfect, and there are a lot of free features involved, but I suggest you compare it to others before you decide on this web hosting service.

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