Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS) is a hosting web environment providing by blue host company which is one of the most efficient and well-known web hosts out there. Bluehost VPS is a hosting platform that allows for a resource such as CPU and Ram to be dedicated to your account. It is achieved by virtualizing a Dedicated server and dividing the resources amongst the users on that server. VPS hosting is very beneficial with Bluehost as your VPS hosting provider because Bluehost is one of the most convenient and efficient web hosts in the market.

Moreover, it also provides ultimate VPS hosting packages based on the amount of resource. Nowadays, Bluehost VPS has become the first choice of everyone because they provide the facility of root access, better security, reliability and performance. The server used by Bluehost has the latest version of PHP 7, HTTP/2 and NGINX caching which are the latest and best technologies available in the industry.



In this modern era, where everything is online people need web hosting platforms to do their online business. In this scenario, the Bluehost web company showed up is one of the most recommended choices by the users because of its high speed, incredible Uptime and loading speed. Today it is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies around the world. It offers many hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and much more domain and hosting services. Still, Bluehost VPS is one of most used service in all due to enough flexibility, prices packages, high speed and muscle to grow the online business.


VPS first emerged on the web hosting platform in 1991 founded by Stanford University PhD students. The past decade, they would have struggled to miss the VPS push in the advertising for many IT companies. As time has moved on through it is emerged as one of the most captivating web hostings, and now many well know company provide the service of VPS. Today Bluehost is one of the central hubs of web hosting platforms which provide VPS services on their hosting servers.

The blue host introduced in 1991, founded by MATT Heaton. He first created to other web host provider then he introduced Bluehost in 1991 which provide CPU throttling. Its effectively shut down the client’s website for several hours throughout the days. It was acquired by Endurance International group in 2010 and remained so till date. In June 2011, DAN Handy became the CEO after Heaton stepped down and in 2013 it introduced Bluehost VPS.



Today, uptime guarantee is the essential task for hosting provider. Uptime is a running time on your online website that draws traffic and more sales. Bluehost VPS offer maximum uptime guarantee with lower cost that enhance the online time of your website. Most people choose cheap web hosting, then they face many problems and complain about the instability of their time. Most hosts provide some uptime guarantee to their clients, but they may not make their promises. An excellent uptime of hosting service is a good indication of a hosting provider that keeps your website online.

Uptime is a significant part; you need a web host to keep your site available to the visitors 24/7, so they offer you the best Blue host VPS  uptime guarantee with the percentage of 99.98%. Web hosting has become a competitive market, and many hosts make promises to stand out to deliver packages, unlimited bandwidth, and free domains but in case of Blue Host VPS make their promises to offer complete packages that benefit for your business.


Bluehost VPS provide the 100% payback guarantee to gain the client trust in the competitive market. An uptime guarantee is a pledge that your website is up and accessible for a certain amount of time. If you don’t get the Uptime for your website, then you will get a refund, but Bluehost VPS will never disappoint you in any case. Additionally, it is the best choice for many users to manage traffic. When you review the Uptime of hosting service to be sure it provides the maximum percentage of uptime guarantee. It gives the best uptime percentage to do your business or website on the peak level that boosts sales.


These lines wrote on the official website of Bluehost VPS that they provide services worldwide and offer the best Uptime from any other hosting provider. Google says that the downtime of Bluehost VPS is only 45minutes per year, and it is the main factor to choose this service for your business and websites. On the other Liquid Web, VPS hosting provide the uptime guarantee of the percentage of 99.95% that is lower from Bluehost VPS of the rate of 99.98%. Also, most other hosting website is still using old and slow RAID systems, but they offer the maximum speed of uptime guarantee that boost your sale in a competitive world.

They provide the next level of performance and security to your online websites. There is the reason for the downtime of VPS like firewall, DNS, DDoS and software failures that cause the rest of Bluehost VPS. But they offer less downtime to grow your business, and it is the best choice to choose this brand.


In a competitive world response time of the online website is a significant fact. Response time is how much time require to load the website page, and that is matter. Bluehost VPS provide the best response time for their clients to use the best service. . Response time value is something that we used to track all website assets. So I can say that the response time of the website is something that can build or destroy its reputation. In this modern age, everybody wants to do things faster.

Similarly, in the case of visiting a website, people want to see the fast working of the website without wasting their time that can help to visit the website—if response time is right, then getting more clients to grow your sales. For this purpose, they provide the best response time in all.

Speed is the basic need in this modern era in all you need to choose the best hosting website that takes less response time to boost up sales and draws more traffic. Choose Bluehost VPS that provides with less response time to get more clients so they can stay on the website for a period. It is a significant factor that affects your website reputation or deters incoming traffic to your website. The response time of server typically measures in TTFB. TTFB refers to the time taken by a CPU to load the first byte of the first file requested by the user.


Response time provide by the other top web hosting company take maximum time to load a website page that draws its reputation. On the other side,  Bluehost VPS offers you a response time wit 245ms that take less time to load the website and give the excellent service in all. It is fast and reliable, and they provide tight isolated security as compare to other hosting services. The recent survey describes that Bluehost VPS services are an excellent choice to get the maximum speed of the website, but you need to pay less than the other web hosting. You indeed get the experience of quality hosting service than others.


Bluehost VPS has many affordable plans for online business and websites. They provide you with many facilities and features to enjoy this hosting service. Features include performance, security, control, customization and much more. Also, offer a cheap plan with quality service on fair terms. Some feature mention below.


Bluehost VPS is the best hosting service that delivers the free domain name. They also offer one-year domain registration with each new VPS. After using the free offer, the client can be renewed domain name with the market price.


It is the main feature that clients avail by choosing Bluehost VPS. By some reasons, if you are unhappy within a first 30days of service, you can cancel offer with a full refund. They support their clients in any case of facing troubles.


They provide the best support service in any case if you face any problem with the facility of 24/7. Their team not only solve the technical issues but also help with all aspect of being online your website. You can call them at any time.


In their hosting plan, provide the facility of multiple servers. You can also add more VPS or even Shared and Dedicating services to your account. Bluehost VPS is the best platform where you can effortlessly manage everything in one place.


By choosing this plan, you will get these features for your hosting website. You also get 30 GB SSD disk with 4GB RAM to enjoy the speed of loading pages that attracts more users.

  • 2 Cores
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address


You get this Enhanced plan at low cost and providing you with many features that grow your online website. You also get a quick speed and excellent Uptime. Here are some features and prices for the Enhanced hosting plan. I recommend this plan for daily users, that is the best plan for your website.

  • 2 Cores
  • 60 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Address


By giving the Ultimate plan to deliver many facilities of performance and reliability. And provide the best quality uptime services. Offering features at a low price for the Ultimate hosting plan listed below. I strongly recommend this plan for clients to user pro services.

  • 4 Cores
  • 120 GB SSD Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Address



BLUEHOST VPS provides many benefits to host your website under this we are going to list the actual advantages that you will have with this service.

Good Uptime and Excellent Speed of Bluehost:

Bluehost VPS is very reliable in terms of Uptime, and it will not let your website down. It has a transparent uptime guarantee of 100% and also provides maximum speed in comparison with top web hosting services out there. You can consider this a huge pro of Bluehost VPS service.

Flexible Resource Allocation of Bluehost VPS :

The flexibility permitted by Bluehost VPS is one of its most valuable benefits.VPS provides the facility of sharing resource if your side needs more help to accommodate a large number of visitors.

DATA centre Across the globe by Bluehost:

Bluehost has 3 data centre that has 1000 Mbps connection each and that makes their services very convenient The location of their data centres are

  • Asia
  • Orem
  •  Utah

Hence they have allocated their data centres in a way that information is available anywhere across the globe.

Root Access and Customization:

Bluehost VPS hosting gives you root access to configure and make changes to your hosting environment. Root access has not guaranteed with other arrangments such as shared hosting plan.but the root access will allow you to configure your VPS accordingly.

30 DAY money-back guarantee :

Bluehost VPS offers you 30-day money-back guarantee to make it easier for you to choose. They will give refund if you don’t like their services within the first 30 days of usage its support many payment methods like Visa Paypal Discover Bitcoin American Express.

Customer Support by Bluehost VPS :

They provide excellent customer support on a multilingual basis so that you don’t get left out due to a language barrier either. They offer you a quick and easy option of live chat with their experts who provide you with detailed and easily workable solutions off hand. The customer support offered by BLUEHOST VPS is exemplary since they offer guides answer and information manuals on their official website too.

Reliability and performance :

Performance is the key factor where you get reliability by using Bluehost VPS  web hosting. You get your own allocated bandwidth and storage space as you want and no facility to share with others. It is the best benefit of  Bluehost VPS.

Unlimited Bandwith :

The bandwidth provided by BLUEHOST VPS  is also infinite and inexhaustible. There is no limit to the amount of traffic your site can harbour if your use BLUEHOST.


In a less secure world, there is a need for the protection of things. BLUEHOST VPS  provides the most secure environment as compare to other hosting services.

Data Protection :

By using BLUEHOST VPS service, you get the backup of data daily, and it is an easy way to perform this procedure. You never lose your data.


One datacenter of Bluehost VPS:

Discussed previously that Bluehost VPS fast and has one datacenter. However, every second count when the site becomes a load that performs way well if they had data centres in other places to support the audience differently.

Untrained trainees of Bluehost VPS:

I hate to say that this trainer does not provide quality support to manage issues, so that is a significant fact of authorization. Before uploading the website, there must be a need to know how to operate in this hosting, so the right guide is an essential part.

Doggy Checkout Practices:

Pretty sure everyone wants more sales in their website by choosing Bluehost VPS service. Whenever I use this service, need some checkouts for SEO tools and Sitelock that pushes the price up close to 60$ a year.

Mark verdict :

I strongly recommend Bluehost VPS to people who want to experience the best web hosting platform to grow up their online business. It is one of the highly used Web hosting platforms which provides high-speed traffic on your website. They are amongst the top 20 largest web hosting companies around the globe. Because it offers excellent services like customer support reliability and reasonable packages. However, they provide unlimited bandwidth disk space and free domain on its included services.

It is available in both options shared servers and dedicated server and provides a reliable resource for your website. However your website experience s surge in traffic and requires more significant assets than you have specified, you may be able to borrow from other VPS temporarily. The flexibility is one of its most valuable benefits. Because when your side needs more resources to adjust a large number of users, you can use the information of your other VPS site to borrow the extra power.

In addition to reading blogs and doing online research, you can call Bluehost VPS, which is one of the most trusted hosting providers because they offered reasonable packages plan that is easily affordable. All the essential feature that it provides within a price away lower than the industry standards. Moreover, they can reliably host your website or application to handle surges in traffic and grow to accommodate your needs over time. It is precisely the Blue host VPS provides the best Uptime, user-friendly interface and speed with less cost. Many hosting companies increase the amount drastically after the year, but they don’t do that. My personal experience has been excellent. Hence it is highly recommended.

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