Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

We Make Money from Affiliate Links!

Hosting Direction use affiliate links to make money; it is plain and simple. We earn a handful of commissions from most almost every product we review and recommend on our website. 

Whenever one of you, the customer, clicks on one of the affiliate links that we posted in our reviews and you make a purchase, we receive commissions.

A complete list of affiliate partnerships of the hosting company is below.

Why We Use Affiliate Links?


Why we use affiliate links, you might ask? 

Let me tell you for starters, operates as a business. We have to pay a lot of money while testing hosting services plus we have to pay salaries.

Secondly, we feature affiliate links from almost every hosting provider is to level grounds among the hosting companies we review. Afterall we too are humans and are prone to make mistakes or errors both willingly & unwillingly. It happens especially when any temptation is involved.

With incentives, we receive from all each hosting company we review, the potential subconscious inclination to favor any company over the other because of the material gain then removed from it promptly.

Last but not least, we also run ads. However, we have discarded the idea because of two significant reasons. First Ad Banners requires a lot of space. Second, we do or can not control everything that displayed in those ads. We decided to use the area to showcase important information while providing smoothest navigation.

Additionally, with these affiliate links, we select what you see on our site; that’s why each of the hosting solutions we have on our website is 100% legit and trusted who will not scam you in any possible way. 

Now let Bring up the next point.

Do Affiliate Links Impact The Product Rating?

No! the affiliate links on our website play no role or can not impact the final ratings or on our recommendations. 

Affiliate Links are in almost all products we present removes the potential incentive to favor one hosting Company over any other hosting company.

Our reviews are 100% based on months and years of constant monitoring and final stressing testings. 

We Gather All Detailed Data Regarding the following:

  • Uptime – Is it Fast? Constant Monitoring 
  • Speed – Both Front & Back End
  • Features – All the details about the features of the hosting Company as listed on official sites.
  • Cost – All Prices, Including Renewal Fees, Hidden Charges, Individual Product Charges.

Fully Loaded with all this data, we start our analysis. Solid Values that we get are what is ranking these hosts on our website.

Support and Quality Assurance teams play a substantial role, so we evaluate it as briefly as possible. Timely responses and knowledge about the product are the main factors of excellent Customer Support. It Plain and Simple, if their team takes days to respond to any of your queries or they are merely wasting your time, they are not Good Period.

In addition to that, we list all the negative sides of each hosting company we review. Of course, that is because we create detailed reviews based on 100% legit data.

Granted, a specific subjective in each analysis, especially when talking about interface & usage. Also, our reviewer may luck into knowledgeable support staff who provide something extra always.

It is the main reason why? We want your feedback. The user reviews most of the time, completes the picture, and after all, we put the comment section there for a reason.

We are talking about the complete picture. Our team always check out other hosting reviews and forums. That done because the more you know, the better your considerations are. That right, there is our motto!



It is one of our Core Values. That everything we present here on Hosting Direction is 100% legit and transparent as we are not afraid to provide our critique on any hosting company we review. Even those who are giving excellent services, We to criticize them too so they can improve themselves.

However, all this goes both ways good and evil. That is why we are entirely open about our affiliate links and other sources of making money.

Affiliate links cost nothing, but it allows us to monitor and examine the world of website hosting from a whole new angle.

If you are not satisfied with the way we run things here and you have any ideas by which we can improve, please contact us and help us become even better.

Hosting For Life!

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