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I got to know that IONOS is the web hosting server for little and medium-sized organizations. They are specialists in IaaS and offer an arrangement of answers for the advanced space. As the most prominent facilitating organization in Europe, we oversee more than 8 million client agreements and host more than 12 million areas in our rural server farms in the US and Europe.

They help business visionaries making their first strides on the web, entrepreneurs scaling up, large organizations and the accomplices who help them succeed. In the case you want to build an online setup by making sure about space, constructing a site, moving back-office procedures to the cloud, or coordinating a holder group, our far-reaching item go offers a top tier application, worker or administration. In the center of the items, there is dependability and security. Their server farm arranges ideal execution and geo-redundancy. With the base camp in Germany, we depend on a potent blend of best in class innovation, robust protection arrangements and hermetically sealed information security.


Extraordinary to the business, IONOS offers a committed client assistance operator to each client. Your very own expert will set aside the effort to become more acquainted with you and your business, helping you take advantage of your online nearness. World-class client care through a single purpose of contact is yours at no additional expense. You don’t merit anything not precisely the most recent innovations at an extraordinary cost and in wording that are straightforward. The best agreement is adaptable and doesn’t require a group of lawful specialists, so we’ve attempted to make our item contributions and costs as straightforward as could be expected under the circumstances. Assisting with making you a triumph online is their benefit — guaranteeing that you have time for other more significant things is our objective.


WordPress is a platform serving with quick speed and fast pace to build. It is easy to use.

You can start the First month by paying 1$. There is a chance to cancel this subscription anytime.

  • You can start with 1$.
  • Free first-year trial.
  • There is a management for updated options.
  • You can access DDoS protection and wildcard SSL features.

This term is fast, secure or reliable and flexible to use.

Get started by paying 5$

  • It is scalable to your needs whenever you want.
  • It brings 99.9% uptime and PHP 7.4 with OPcache.
  • DDoS and data loss protection is featured.

HardWare will be meeting with the clouds.

You can start by paying 200$.

  • It gives access to unlimited traffic.
  • This subscription also offers API control and cloud integration.
  • HDD, SSD, and NVMe build options are featured or available.


It’s the world’s most well-known substance in the executives’ framework, one that has enough adaptability to influence a blog or a Fortune 500 organization’s site. There are two different ways to get WordPress ready for action on a 1&1 Ionos worker. You can introduce WordPress on a standard worker, or you can pursue WordPress. 1&1 Ionos has three Linux-based WordPress bundles: Essential ($9 every month), Business ($11 every month), and Pro ($15 every month). The plans are of the overseen assortment, so 1&1 Ionos gives it the white glove treatment concerning dealing with backend matters.


Fundamental offers 25GB of SSD stockpiling, ten email accounts, the capacity to have one space, and one free URL. Business throws in 100GB of SSD stockpiling, 100 email accounts, and the ability to have two WordPress ventures. Star, the most component pressed of the three alternatives, flaunts a 200GB SSD, 500 email records, and five WordPress ventures. All the plans have programmed malware discovery and evacuation, programmed WordPress refreshes, A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) testament, and a curated rundown of suggested WordPress subjects.

That is a substantial contribution, yet A2 accepts the crown as the PCMag Editors’ Choice for WordPress facilitating. Accessible in standard and oversaw assortments, A2’s top-level Unlimited arrangement (beginning at $36.98 every month), offers excellent site promoting, email, and month to month information moves. It likewise accompanies a free SSL declaration.

For more data on the incredibly well-known substance the board framework, it would be ideal if you read How to Get Started With WordPress.


With regards to non-cloud facilitating, you won’t discover much else ground-breaking than committed facilitating. This facilitating type permits your site to use a full workers force, as it exists on the worker without anyone else. No framework asset sharing here. Genuine, crucial site-sprinters ought to consider devoted facilitating when they can bear the cost of it.

1&1 Ionos has four Linux-or Windows-based devoted facilitating levels: A8i, L-16, XL-32, and XL-64. The plans accompany either customary hard plate drives (HDDs) or reliable state drives (SSDs) that change the value apiece. For instance, the SSD-based A8i project begins at $75 every month for a 2.4GHz Intel Atom C2750 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 240GB of capacity, and long month to month information moves. The HDD-based variant, then again, begins at $70 every month and has a 1,000GB HDD. The most costly arrangement, XL-64 NVMe, accompanies a four-centred CPU, 64GB of RAM, 1,000GB SSD, and long month to month information moves. All of 1&1 Ionos committed facilitating plans incorporate Sitelock malware security and the RailGun content conveyance organize (CDN) for quicker page loads.


Contrast these plans, and those of AccuWeb, which has five incredible levels of configurable, Linux-or Windows-fueled devoted facilitating workers. The most moderate is the $105-per-month plan that incorporates 8GB of RAM, 1TB of capacity, and 20TB of the month to month information moves. The top-level arrangement, which begins at $360 every month, brags a pattern 16GB RAM, 1TB of capacity, and 20TB of the month to month information moves. Likewise, with the VPS plan, AccuWeb.

Windows-based devoted facilitating program lets you make up to 250 email accounts; with a Linux-based committed arrangement, you can make large email accounts. Despite the arrangement you start with, you can equip AccuWeb devoted workers with up to 512GB of memory, 2TB of capacity, and 50TB of the month to month information moves. Subsequently, AccuWeb Hosting devoted facilitating plans rule as the class champ.


Web Hosting

Our IONOS Web Hosting administrations are secluded, implying that you’re ready to adjust them as your site develops. You get 10 GB of capacity, ten databases, and ten email accounts, and a free area for one year. In any case, what happens when traffic to your site develops and this bundle isn’t sufficient any longer? Fundamentally change to the Business bundle, which takes into consideration great places and gives you boundless capacity, large databases, and 50 email accounts. With IONOS, you can likewise drop whenever, so there’s no hazard.


With IONOS, you can alter and structure your site utilizing around 10,000 subdomains. You’ll be ruined for decision with the vast number of expansions accessible, from the work of art .com and .organization spaces to local augmentations like .boston and .nyc. Try not to leave guests speculating, utilize the explicit business augmentations like .building or .design to show guests what your site info. Check their accessibility on our site and afterwards purchase your ideal space. It only takes a couple of snaps to enrol and enact your area. Recharging is additionally programmed and straightforward!

My Website

It is the place My Website comes in. With this web designer, IONOS gives you an expert looking site that you can adjust as indicated by your necessities, with no coding required. Within a few snaps, you can assemble a place that meets your requirements regardless of whether you don’t understand anything about making one yourself.

Online business

Need to sell items in your online store? IONOS has the answer for you. With our eCommerce Website Builder bundles, you shouldn’t be an IT master to fabricate the online store you had always wanted. IONOS gives you instant stores that you can without much of a stretch alter to grandstand and sell your items. You can show up to one million things. What’s more, with our store the board application on your cell phone, you can generally watch out for your business regardless of where you are. Stock administration, conveyances, the decision of instalment techniques, advancements on informal organizations, associations on deals stages — there are such a selective number of alternatives ensured to make your online store a triumph.

Email facilitating

With IONOS, you can acquire email tends to that coordinate your space name, just as various email delivers that relate to the pages of your site. By consolidating ground-breaking email facilitating and the most recent adaptations of office and profitability applications like Microsoft 365 and G Suite, you’ll be set up for progress. These IONOS arrangements promise you secure and top-notch email facilitating that is entirely adjusted to the requirements of experts.


IONOS scales to your necessities. From adaptable Cloud workers where you pay for what you use with pay-per-minute charging.

To committed workers with pay-per-use charging, full API control, load adjusting and an organization season of just eight minutes,

to our virtual workers with full root access and API. You’ll discover a worker item that lives up to your desires. Moreover, our most up to date workers satisfy the most elevated guidelines for vitality effectiveness and are reused or recouped toward the finish of their administration life.

Security Features

1&1 Ionos incorporates a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate (scrambled site security that ensures information trades among clients and your site) gratis with its worker, Developer Shared Hosting and Developer eShop bundles. If you don’t want to go with one of those plans, you can buy a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate for $49 every year.


SiteLock, accessible as a Basic bundle ($2 every month) is a component offered by 1&1 Ionos to shield your site from programmers, malware, and unapproved. On the off chance that you select to show the SiteLock Trust Seal on your website, your guests will see constant confirmation that the site is secure.

Reliable Uptime

Site uptime is a fundamental component of web hosting. If your site goes down, customers or clients will be not able to discover you or access your items or administrations. It’s to your most significant advantage to locate a dependable web have that can keep your website ready for action. Something else, clients may go somewhere else—and they may never return.

To assess dependability, I utilize a site observing device to follow my test site’s uptime over a fourteen-day term. Like clockwork, the apparatus pings my website and sends me an email on the off chance that it can’t contact the site for at any rate one moment. The information uncovers that 1&1 Ionos was staggeringly steady during my testing. It didn’t go down once! Accordingly, you can depend on 1&1 Ionos to be an unshakable establishment for your site.

Superb Customer Service

Suppose you have any issues with your web hosting plan or have a hosting server related inquiry. In that case, you can sit back and relax, realizing that 1&1 Ionos has every minute of everyday email, web talk, and phone support. How an organization’s client care division reacts to your grievance or inquiry is imperative, so I tried 1&1 Ionos’ courage by setting an approach a weekday morning and night. I needed to know the distinction—assuming any—between 1&1 Ionos’ standard web facilitating and its WordPress promoting the offering.

Around one moment later, a 1&1 Ionos bolster individual handled my call. The rep accurately expressed that WordPress facilitating lets 1&1 Ionos naturally update WordPress and any introduced modules—something that clients would somehow or another physically handle with 1&1’s regular contribution.


1&1 Ionos has a get back to highlight that lets you plan a period for when an organization rep calls you to take care of an issue.

New to 1&1 Ionos is its expert assistance, which is accessible to any individual who’s pursued facilitating. The free aid interfaces you to an operator who offers facilitating tips and guidance. For instance, I figured out how to utilize 1&1 Ionos’ web-building programming. You can likewise use the support of figure out how to develop your crowd by having your business show up on Google Maps. It’s helpful assistance that more organizations should copy. The individual specialist is accessible using a web visit, email, or phone.

1&1 Ionos offers a better than an average 30-day unconditional promise, and you can drop the administration whenever. DreamHost stands out with a tremendous 97-day unconditional guarantee.



  • It is two months plan. You have to pay 4$ per month and after that 6$ will be your due.
  • It is best for one website.
  • It has 10 GB of storage.
  • 10 Databases are available.
  • You can connect 10 Email accounts.
  • There will be a free domain for 1 Year.
  • Essential resources related to CPU and MEM will be offered.
  • This plan comes with a duration of 12 Months. You will be charged 5$ per month and after it 10$ per month.
  • You can access unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited storage will be available.
  • The unlimited database is provided.
  • You can link 50 Email accounts.
  • The free domain will be granted for 1 Year.
  • Modified CPU & MEM resources.
  • You have to pay 8$ per month and afterwards, 16$.
  • You can access unlimited websites.
  • Unlimited storage will be available.
  • The unlimited database is provided.
  • You can link 100 Email accounts.
  • The free domain will be granted for 1 Year.
  • Modified CPU & MEM resources.



They provide Fast and Responsible Customer Support.


It has firm Uptime – 100%


It offers good Page Loading Pace.


They are serving with free SSL Security.


Free Domain and Email is granted and Improved User Interface is accessible.


There are no Free Website Transfers are available.


You can’t Sign Up in Many Countries as it is confined to some countries.


Indeed, we do recommend this web hosting server. I have tested and read all about it. And I tried my best to share the details with you in this review. There are few drawbacks too, but it’s worth using. Their adaptable designs for both Linux and Windows are reasonable and incorporate plenty of valuable highlights. The speedy client service that we encountered was additionally an enormous credit to its. You should choose IONOS web hosting service because this platform is offering numerous features within a single web server. Here, you can create, design and get your domain name all at one site. You can also design your online store here.

However, there are additionally drawbacks; you can’t join with them in most European nations and the advanced $1.00/month valuing restores at a lot higher $8.00/month.

SSL security makes this an exceptionally secure help, and we loved that it accompanies a free area. Indeed there are few cons too I discussed earlier along with the pros, But everything isn’t just perfect so you can look up to the benefits to go with it.

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