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Hosting Direction believes providing you with the best reviews. In our reviews, we cover all the Top Rated Hosting Companies. Check out these Top 20 Hosting Companies Reviews. We are providing Deep Reviews based on Performance & Features.

Please read our detailed reviews to choose the best-suited Hosting for your needs.Our Methods Include Deep Feature testing before we hand out a review to you. We Buy and test each host for at least 1 Year. On this page, you will find short reviews of our Top 20 Hosting Companies. If you don’t have time for the full reports, we make sure you can decide on this page.

Top 20 Web Hosting Providers

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The Best Web Hosting Providers -
Short Reviews

Hostinger, once known as Host Media, was a small company founded back in 2004. They changed their name in 2011 when they hit a Whopping 1 Million User hit count. It was pretty much an impossible task for a small company. Today the company has dominated over 178 countries worldwide. I can only imagine what they can achieve in the coming years. Let us talk about why you should get their hosting plan in the first place?

Hostinger is one of the fastest and cheapest hosting providers. The company has been holding the status of best hosting in the world for years.

Hostinger hit a 10 Million user count back in 2014. It didn’t stop there today; they hold a record of 29 Million users worldwide.

Hostinger provides some key features that are important when buying shared hosting. Those features must include Unlimited Storage & Unlimited Bandwidth. Of course, Uptime and speed are crucial as well. 

Hostinger provides hosting plans for as cheap as $2.15 per month. I mean, are you kidding me?. To check, I decided to buy their cheapest plan. I am astonished by their performance; this is hands down the fastest hosting.

As always, we discuss the Pros & Cons in the end. There are many Pros of Hostinger and few Cons. Some noticeable cons Include No Daily Backup & No Free SSL

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For more information visit Hostinger


InMotion Hosting, an American company, started back in 2001. It was and still not as famous as the big names like A2 or Hostinger. Yet It does pack a punch when it comes to Speed and Stability.

If you want to start an eCommerce website, InMotion should be your top choice. They promise to give you the performance that you have never imagined. 

Are you still thinking about why you should choose InMotion? Let me tell you why? This Hosting is as high-speed as you can get in the United States. I mean, look at their server response its 2ms. It means that your Website loads in 3 Seconds. The speed part does not end there; they provide an average speed of 178ms worldwide. Please tell me who is promising you that speed nowadays. It would be best if you looked at here their up-time it is off the charts 100% overall worldwide. InMotion server is rated A+ in performance

Now you must be thinking I cannot possibly buy this Hosting Plan. All these features must come with a steep price tag what if I tell you Otherwise. All this can be yours to use in just $3.99 per month

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For more information visit Inmotion Hosting


A2 Hosting founded back in 2001. A small geeky hosting company with a strong technical focus. They haven’t once compromised on Speed & support since they started. 

Whether you are starting a company or a blog, want something fast and reliable at the same time? Choose A2 Eyes Closed. A2 Hosting provides 20X Faster Speed at an Affordable Price Tag.

Let me tell you why select A2 in First Place? A2 Shared Hosting is ultra-reliable. They are using the fastest type of servers called Swift Servers for better Speed.

The Goods do not stop there they have an overall 99.99% of up-time on the course of 19 years of their service

A2 committed 24/7 365 Premium Support to every client. I am sure you will not believe that, why don’t you try after reading this review?.

A2 Shared Hosting is hands down the best when it comes to Speed and stability — having experienced it on my eCommerce store. I can say it is the best choice for any beginner or professional.

How is their Hosting so fast its high-speed caches and SSD configurations? 

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For more information visit A2Hosting


SiteGround Hosting founded back in 2004. Today It is one of the tops of the line hosting companies. SiteGround is servicing more than 1,800,000 websites worldwide.

SiteGround has the best technical support in the world. It provides world-class WordPress & Joomla Hosting Plans. They are official, Partners with WordPress 

Their Hosting Plans promises the fastest featured WordPress & Joomla. There are many features that you can’t overlook when choosing SiteGround. While testing, I was thinking about how great it would be to start a WordPress Blog with SiteGround. According to Expectations, they handled the traffic with ease with zero downtime. Having experienced their support, it is off the charts. A lot of times when I got stuck in something & called up Technical support. These guys were so friendly and helpful. They went an extra mile Checking my whole website to clear the errors. 

As there were many pros, there are some noticeable cons as well. One of the most prominent was all Plans have Limited Disk Space. Further research cleared up. It is for maintaining the speed and stability of their system.

In my expert’s opinion, It is a Bang for your buck

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For more information visit SiteGround



GoDaddy one of the top Hosting Providers founded back in 1997. Godaddy is a Stable Network it has been around for more than two decades. This company has been the #1 choice for any customer. Godaddy is The Most reliable Domain Registrar in the world.

GoDaddy is excellent overall in performance, features & cost. One of the main highlighted features in their One-Click App Installer Supports +125 Apps. I’m sure that you want to know the facts of how why and when? To answer those questions, I put Godaddy on a test. Wow! I am amazed. These guys are great if you want a domain or hosting services. They are Low Cost & on point What they say on the website? It’s true! When there are Pros of a company, there are some Cons, although they are not significant. 

Some pros include their Excellent Page Load Speed and One Click installers. In my opinion, It should be the top choice of any beginner. There is one con that ticked me off it was the “Limited Disk Space“. 

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For more information visit Godaddy


NameCheap founded by in 2002. This small hosting company started blooming in 2010. In 2012 NameCheap became Best Domain Registrar Worldwide. NameCheap was one of the first companies that began to take Bitcoin. This payment option introduced in the year 2013. 

NameCheap has been in this business for over two decades. One of the top-line Hosting Company Worldwide. There are a lot of reasons why you should? Or should not choose? NameCheap as your Primary Hosting Service Providers. 

NameCheap has 3 Million Users, although not everyone is happy. It is due to their Uptime 99.87% overall that is a bit problematic. To identify if this is true? Or not, I decided to check their lightest plan, and the rumours were true. However, if you can handle a little downtime, NameCheap is excellent. They are great at managing your data. They will go an extra mile to make sure your website back up in taken Daily. 

There are many features that you can’t overlook. They are great when you want a Domain. They will provide you with more options than other Domain Registrars.  

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For more information visit Namecheap


BlueHost, owned by a well-known Endurance International Group. It all started in the year 2003 when hosting services was in demand BlueHost

is one of the first to start Dedicated WordPress & Joomla Hosting. Unlike all the other hosting companies. BlueHost hosting plans are Optimize for Top Performance WordPress Joomla Drupal 

What makes BlueHost so unique and reliable? Let me tell you it is their low-cost plans & customer support. Their 1-click installers made life easy for a lot of beginners. 

I thought Let test it out, and check the results. If it matches the features and details promised on the website. Tested their starter plan for more 1 Year and Blue Host Proved everything said.  

The 1-Click installer is excellent it lets you install 150+ Applications with a Click. Without any technical knowledge, how amazing is that? But, We Looked into the Pros & Cons of BlueHost. 

Pros and Cons are a part of everything in our lives. There are many pros to BlueHost. However, There are 2 Cons as well. These Cons do not lower your performance or Stability. It won’t allow you to migrate your website for Free & There is High Renewal Fee.

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For more information visit BlueHost


HostGator is a hosting company founded back in 2002. It was not a big company at the time. In the current year, HostGator has a user count of over 200,000. They are striving to become the top of the line hosting providers. Let me tell you some key features of HostGator. Why should you trust HostGator as your primary Hosting Provider? HostGator is an excellent option if you have an eCommerce Store. They provider Massive 3 Years Plans which none of the others provides. I’m guessing you want to test their environment and check their features first. Good News HostGator gives you an option of 1 Month Plan. Let us Discuss more HostGator 

HostGator ranked top as the Best Value Hosting. They are reliable due to their worldwide server distribution. These Servers help to maintain a healthy balance between stability and speed 

HostGator target beginners as you will get a lot of freebies. To test all their features, I decided to buy their cheapest plan. Overall the results showed. It is an excellent Resource for Blogs & eCommerce.

There are Pros and Cons to every single hosting in the world. There are many Pros to this Company, but we will look at some cons today. HostGator has a reduced loading speed around 1000ms. They don’t provide Daily Backup, which is crucial if you are a beginner.

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For more information visit Hostgator



FastComet Hosting is a small company started in 2013. Today they have a user count of over 50,000 worldwide. FastComet is like a hidden gem in the top-line hosting world. Discovered it, It will shine the brightest. 

Why should you choose FastComet? What makes them so unique? Let me tell you some details to get you started. You want to create a new blog, and you have a minimal budget for it. You want Speed and Stability, and you don’t want to pay high renewal fees. FastComet should be your #1 Choice.

I purchased a basic Plan from FastComet and tested for one year. I am astonished by the results beyond my expectations. All of their featured Services performed Top-Notch with zero downtime. However, every feature is Not working as promised on the Website. — False Marketing. Conducted tests proved their stability and speed. 

FastComet has top of the line customer and technical support. They will go an extra mile to help you out available 24/7 for you.

Let’s Discuss some Pros & Cons. Like any other hosting provider, I noticed one con — limited SSD Disk Space. You want to hear my opinion on the matter. I give FastComet a Score of 8.5 out of 10. It is my on my Top Choice Hosting for Beginners List.

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For more information visit FastComet



Dreamhost started back in 1996. In the year of innovation. Today making the company’s oldest hosting providers worldwide and having a user count of over 1.5 million spread across the globe. The company has maintained its standards over the existence of 25 Years.

Why should you trust Dreamhost? Or why should you buy a plan from them? I am helping you sort that out. There are many reasons why DreamHost is one of the most reliable Hosting?. It is due to their uptime and loading speed. Their average Page Loading speed is 0.7 Seconds maintained worldwide.

They haven’t slipped down from 99.96% uptime over 25 years. I mean, you can have a look at others; they are not as old as Dreamhost. Someone can’t say that this company is untrusted.

There is one more reason that could change your mind to Choose DreamHost as your primary Hosting. It is their refund policy which gives a customer 97 Days to get a refund. They don’t like what DreamHost is offering to get a refund.

However, as there are Pros, there are some Cons. I noticed a few Paid Migrations, No CPanel, & Limited Live Support.

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For more information visit DreamHost 



1&1 IONOS founded in 1988. It is a UK Based Hosting company, the largest hosting group in Europe. Today 1&1 is hosting more than 12 million websites worldwide. The company provides you with a variety of products from which you can choose. They got everything covered for you!

Why should you trust 1&1? What is so special about them? Let me help you sort that out here today. 1&1 is no new egg in the market. This company has been around for more than two decades. 1&1 Provide for the lot, whether you are a blogger or a businessman. 1&1 has one of the best WordPress management.

1&1 is one of the oldest companies in Hosting Providers List. They haven’t slipped an inch for a year if you look at their uptime. Their Lightest package starts from only $1 per month. I mean are they providing what they promise?

To clear if there is any False Marketing or Not. I decided to test 1&1 for 1 year. The results were terrific. I am stunned by their SpeedStability & Features.

I didn’t just see the Pros; I noticed a few Cons. There are many issues with their support, and you are not getting a C-Panel

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For more information visit IONOS



Kinsta founded in 2013. A group of visionaries created this company. The vision was to create a well-optimized Hosting Service for WordPress. Kinsta is one of the First company’s that started using Google Cloud. It is not your everyday hosting service. One can say that it is for Techies by Techies. Many of the significant brands swapped this hosting due to ease of use.

Why Should you trust Kinsta? What is so great about them? Let me tell you the details — an excellent management system for WordPress users. Kinsta has a 100% Uptime since 2013. They are using modern technologies like NGINX & Fort KNOX for Security. Plus they offer many features that nobody can overlook. 

To clear up things, I decided to test Kinsta. Boy, I am amazed that this hosting is excellent. Zero downtime, Easy Applications, Daily backup the list can go on and on. There are some downsides to it as well.

I enjoyed testing the environment due to ease of use. The interface is user-friendly & well managed just as described on the website. Meaning there is No False Marketing.

I didn’t just see the Pros of the Service; I noticed some Major Cons as well. Like It has a Monthly Visitor Limit, and All Plans have Limited Disk Space

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For more information visit Kinsta



WPEngine founded in 2013. Create by a group of WordPress Enthusiasts. Their vision was to create a well-managed Hosting Service for WordPress. WPEngine is one of the Top quality WordPress Dedicated Hosting. Goes Neck to Neck with Kinsta in Speed and Stability. It is an excellent choice for brands.

Why Should you trust WPEngine? What is so great about them? Let me tell you the details — an excellent resource for WordPress users. Shared hosting has a 100% Uptime since 2013. They are using all modern technologies. Plus they have a crazy amount of features that I have discussed in Full Review.

To examine, I decided to test WPEngine. I am Astonished that this hosting is Marvelous. Zero downtime, Auto Backups the list can go on and on. There are a few downsides to WPEngine as well.

I enjoyed testing the WPEngine Host it was easy to use. I would recommend for all beginners. The interface is user-friendly & Comes with tons of features as per the website.

I didn’t just see the Pros of WpEngine; I noticed some Minor Cons as well. Like It has a High Price Tag, and All Plans have Limited Disk Space.

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For more information visit WPEngine 



Hostwind founded in 2010. Today they are hosting more than 1000 customers worldwide, earning fame in the rapid phase due to their excellent customer support. The company has grown so much that it has four Data Centers across the USA. They have found a place among the Top Web Hosting Companies Worldwide.

Why should you choose HostWind? What is going on? I am going to answer that today. Their Motive is to serve the Customer like none other. An excellent uptime over 9 years & it has not compromised on Quality. They have the best possible solution for low budget users.

To test things out, I Purchased their Cheapest Plan ($3.29) per month tested it for a year. I mean, I’m speechless. Hosting Stability is off the Charts. Free Dedicated IP, Free Domain, Free SSL There are tons of features. It is Average Speed and 100% Reliable — a Perfect Hosting Solution for any Beginner. 

To remind you, I didn’t just look at the Pros of the Product. I provide legit Cons as Well. Some Cons Included High Renewal Price and Average Loading Speeds that’s it.

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For more information visit Hostwinds



Fasthosts Founded in 1999. The UK based Old School Hosting Company. Their Hosting is a reliable asset giving their decades of experience. The Company’s focus is and was Domain Registration. They provide flexible packages to facilitate their Customers’ best.

Fasthosts have millions of Websites and Domains under their flag. They say their hosting plans are best. In that case, I should test the cheapest plan.

I started working on Fasthosts. Man, their Hosting is problematic, but the Domain Registration is excellent. I mean it isn’t like their Hosting is bad or slow. Their Hosting Plan is like your average Hosting. There are some Pros to it as well, which we are discussing in a bit.

As you may know, I save the best for the last. You know it, its Pros & Cons time! Some Major Pros include their Extras that you get on every plan you purchase, A Free Website Builder, Tons of Credit on different ad vendors. They support 1-Click Installers as well. Perfect business hosting. Some Cons include Limited Disk Space and Limited Resources.

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For more information visit Fasthosts



GreenGeeks founded in 2008. A Pure Green Energy Hosting Company. Today hosting over 300,000 Websites Worldwide. They are Data Centers in The United States, Canada & Netherlands. GreenGeeks has excellent up to date servers that makes them an excellent host.

Why GreenGeeks? Should You Trust GreenGeeks? Let’s break it down; they make some substantial claims on their websites. Due to which It caught my eye, and I started testing their cheapest Shared Plan. I mean, you can say I’m pretty impressed by their services. They don’t do false marketing. Their loading Speed and Storage solutions are great, even better than some top hosts.

Let us dig a bit down. Looking at the pros, I mean sure there are tons of pros. But we need to consider Cons! Which might be the reason why you should or should not buy their hosting.

Pros included Free Domains and a high loading Speed and many freebies. However, the Cons are just a few as the host is new. Some Cons Included a Cheesy Refund Policy and Extra Hidden Charges.

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For more information visit GreenGeeks


Interserver founded in 1999. One of the oldest beasts in the hosting Market. Today it is hosting millions of websites. This Hosting Company targeted tech-savvy users. But it is easy to use if you choose the right plan. I have heard so much good about this Hosting about how cheap and high it is. 

Should you choose InterServer? Is this company what it says on the website? Let us find out, so I decided to test their environment. I tried their cheapest plan on which I got a considerable discount and tons of Freebies. I put a stress test on, and wow! It lives up to all the great things I heard. It is a type of host that I Like to host A million Dollar Business.

You must be thinking that there must be some false marketing, and they know a way to trick people. What if I tell you otherwise? Their Hosting is excellent and perfect for any person on earth. It has tons of features; it is cheap. I can go on and on about how great they are, but let us discuss some Pros & Cons.

Digging Deep Down, I noticed some Cons. These Cons do not affect any performance, but they are there. Their VPS & Dedicated Plans Does not come with a money-back guarantee.

 Read full review >

For more information Visit Interserever



iPage founded in 1998. One of the oldest beast in the game of hosting and running on total Green Energy. Today the company has over a Million Websites. They have two Data Centers across the United States, which manages Worldwide. One of the Cheapest Hosting in the world.

Why should you choose iPage? What makes them so unique? Firstly iPage is an excellent resource. They provide massive 3 years solutions. Their cheapest plans include a Free Domain and Free SSL. They promise stable long year services and speed.

I decided to break this down, so I started testing. Bought Its cheapest plan and Boy! I am impressed. All their services are working just as described on the website. That means no False Marketing. However, Their Loading Speed is a bit slow. I think it is an excellent choice for any business.

Let us Dig deeper, how about we discuss some Pros & Cons. There are many pros to this Hosting I am not here for that, but the Cons. Those are important. Some included Costy Domains and High Renewal Prices

 Read full review >

For more information visit iPage



LiquidWeb Founded in 1997. Today has a user count of over 35000 Customers worldwide, including Motorola Home Depo. There Hosting is high performance and stable. It isn’t cheap as well. This Hosting targets more towards people who have deep pockets.

The Internet is full of great reviews about Liquid Web. People are talking about their features and uptime and how great they are? Should you Trust LiquidWeb? Let me take you on a journey to the most excellent Hosting I have reviewed!

I tested their cheapest plan, which was not cheap, to be honest. ($29) per month Boy! That is steep. But Looking at the number of choices they give you when you want to buy their Hosting. It is Amazing. This Company is outstanding for any business. Their Speed, Uptime, Stability, I mean everything you see is fantastic. Read the Full Review for more deep details.

Let us talk about some Pros and Cons. Yes! I know not this again but, this is a part of my Reviews. This Company has Cons as well. Some of them are they have No Shared Hosting option & Weak Knowledge Base.

 Read full review >

For more information visit LiquidWeb



Justhost founded in 2002. It was and is a small company with many downsides to their Hosting. But let’s not focus on that. Today the company is hosting thousands of websites worldwide. 

On hearing so much about Justhost, I decided to review their cheapest Plan. Interestingly, they don’t lie about some of their features. Some best features of the hosting Plan were their Free Script Library & Security. Overall there were many issues with the Hosting. Let us Discuss those.

As there are Pros for every Hosting There are Cons as well. Justhost some with some major cons that you might not like. Firstly False Marketing I know you have seen that everywhere. Their Uptime is Worst I have reviewed. There is a lot more read the full review for that. Some Pros are the Site has excellent Security. Also, they have Decent Speed.

 Read full review >

For more information visit Justhost

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